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Essential Study Tips to Avoid All-Nighters Before Exams

Essential Study Tips to Avoid All-Nighters Before Exams There's no way around it: studying is work! Feel more relaxed and prepared (and well rested!) by upgrading your study habits with some of these helpful tips: PLAN YOUR ATTACK Make a study schedule and stick to it. It's the single most frequent piece of advice for exam preparation for good reason: it works! SHORTER IS BETTER Your brain absorbs the most 3 CHANGE YOUR COORDINATES information toward the beginning and end of each session. Study in 30-50 minute increments, with 10-15 minute Changing-up your studying location - from the library, to the coffee shop, to the computer lab - forces your breaks in-between. brain to make new connections with the material that help with information recall when you need it. MAKE 4 FLASHCARDS Not only does your brain digest the bite-sized bits of material better, but the simple action of writing the information down is proven to help your brain absorb it. MAKE IT A GROUP THING MAKE TIME 6 TO REVIEW Take time each week to go back and review what you've learned while it's still fresh. You will reinforce what Not only can your peers help you work through difficult material, but explaining concepts to others will help you better understand those concepts yourself. you've learned and probably discover information you need to brush up on. TAKE CARE 7 OF YOURSELF Get a good night's sleep and eat properly the morning before the test. And if you're nervous, try exercising or doing something fun to take your mind off the stress. Above all, find out what works for you and do it! WILEY

Essential Study Tips to Avoid All-Nighters Before Exams

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Studying is hard work, but these 7 tips will help you avoid an all-nighter before a big exam.





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