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Enrollment & Dropouts

EDUCATION The American education system has improvcd a lot over the past few decades. Enrollment is up, dropout rates are down, and rnore people are going to college. There is however, still room for improvement. ENROLLMENT AND DROPOUTS Number of Students Per Teacher Western stales LAud u have diger student-to-teacher atios, while cight 12 Highest Studant-to-Tancher Lowest Stucant-to-Teacher uf the Len staLEN wilh the ba! Ratiu Ratio rarios are eastern. 1. Uah 1. Vermnt * Vaire ". Oegn Iigh student-to-teacher catios do пи песенкагу islieate paкт ecduca tion, however L'tah, for example, has the higtest ratiu in the couiry; the state floats around the midelle ue muth and seading seonen. 3. Virginii 4. Nerth akota 3. Caificnia- . 4. inpono 5. Wistirgn 5. Nuw kr-ty 1. Nevad 7. Jdalua 7. Nuw Yurk H. New Hangshie 9. Inliani UI. L'obmde 9. Sassuchuuve On the uler hand, states wilh ihe lowest ratios tend to have the best шuih aнsd reatling, нелнеь Percent of People Enrolled in School Elementary and Secondary Years College Years Adult Years I he 18-19 and 20-24 age groups, usually when poople atteud college, also saw sigailicaul growih iu Children aged 4 saw the largest increase in enrall- ucut between 1970 and 2007. The 7-13 and tlıe 5-6 and 14-17 grons stayed around 100% and high ls, respectively. T'here was some growth for the 25-29 age gmup. Laon 8 ko 12%%, while 30-34 sLuch atound G and 7%. enollmenr. ASK IS TEAKS -7-15 11-17 18-19 18-19 114N 21-21 20-21 25-29 30-21 1५।। Dropout Rates Earnings by Education Level Bel: w ace the distributions of aamul ezrnings frim $0 t Te ihan $190,200. Ikar height: en pertentage of ihe group. People with more education pically earn more pe VIr than theIN w hn cu mit fsh hrul. Overail fiy Famiiy Income LOWES GUARTLE MEDLE LOW QUARTILE Percentage of hgh school dropouts Arıl 16 n 24 Ias ckaal fre Drepnt raten :lkxrMst y 4 trem 28.0 to 167. 13.0 to 8.7 berween 1970 and 2007. hali, ot improved of al group - Maoa dides les lun S20000 per year. About 18. make less hen 0JUA Sem ligh sd cul Jiu. Maris makID m lerwa n SLULO D5J pe ver. итнін:! Mari rits mak in lerwan Fighi t esmp etec 19 Sлн Marits makz in lerwn S250 $75JK prr. colsge ino docreel Dropouts in the Work FonLE M COLEHCH QLARTILE HGHEST OLARTILE ll. Many hiph sdnol dopeurs wade: however many do not. This prap also szw an impovemenr from 11.7 to 64: While kow to bepin wirh, this proup also saw improvement Asciste's - Mauite mzlas in berwen degree et bber foe B:chckra dacree $4ILN per year. Ahrut 1 makes mane thın $100 unEmplned -4ES Молса SICOer er. Abt IM makes mune than 310000 idesae Pesinal 19:0 יקעt N:adr helt m k mie idesae Maite mak mun tha yr. Mee ile 1. tlid urakes ne ik Doeer's ucs JS Lepartretof tducetis. Naoral CeTer for Statetics Cesterty NetHun Yeu Flanglaamika Rervi yP a SliCE

Enrollment & Dropouts

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Education in the United States: Enrollment and Dropouts.


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