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English Language - Interesting Facts about the World’s Most Popular Language

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR LANGUAGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE English 400 is the most widespread language in the world million people use the English vocabulary as a mother tongue ONE out of FIVE persons understands ENGLISH English is the richest in vocabulary with Over 2,700 vocabularies 700Speak English million people as a foreign language 500,000 words listed & half million words still uncatalogued 3/4 80% installed in the world's computers is English of the information of the world's mail, telexes and cables are in English English is the language of Christianity CBS More than half of the world's technical and scientific periodicals are in English NBC Largest Broadcasting in the world transmit in English ABC BBC CBC IMPAGT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TOP K English 536.6 German 75.2 10 Chinese 444.9 Arabic 65.4 Spanish 153.3 French LANGUAGES IN THE NET 2010 59.8 Russian Japanese 99.1 59.7 *Millions of users All the rest Portuguese Korean 82.5 39.4 350.6 Grenada Vanuatu Aruba Gibraltar Bahamas Belize Guyana Malaysia Germany Trinidad and Tobago Liberia sierra Leone Ireland United States St. Kitts and Nevis India New Zealand South Africa St. Lucia Singapore Jamaica Philippines Zambia Barbados St. Vincent and the Grenadines Papua New Guinea United Kingdom Australia Guam TOP Countries with the Greatest Numbers of Native English Speakers Anguilla Zimbabwe LMPORTANCE OF LEARNING ENGLISH 10 Reasons to Study English 20 3 4 5Ó Most commonly spoken language chances of getting of the world Increases the 1st language of 400 million media industry people around the world Official language of 53 countries Language of a good paying job 7 ABC 8 g♡ 10 0 0 Based on a simple alphabet that is easy to learn Gives a lot of satisfaction to learn the language A variety of school courses are taught in English Language of the internet Learn from other cultures through the language ADVANTAGES OF LEARNING ENGLISH EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES MOVIES TRAVEL SCHOOLS ACADEMICS COMPUTERS REFERENCES http://www.internetworldstats .com/stats7.htm. E-T.C •........ Antigua and Barbuda Brunei Honduras Switzerland British Virgin Islands Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Japan Bermuda Sri Lanka U.S. Virgin Islands Isrgel Solomon Islands Hong Kong Cayman Islands Namibia Canada

English Language - Interesting Facts about the World’s Most Popular Language

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This is an infographic on English. The English language is widely used in the world.




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