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English Grammar Verbs

rise go to watch sing be drive sung singing to cook driven driving transitive verb to fish gone Tim cooked the fish going ey. run Cfirect object risen past participle present participle to fished rising the fish watched watching have direct object been to sleep sleep SeN Raining being "to" veverb to tall to sleeping have does not NSITIVE intransitiv e Root word formed from verbs eg. The rain fell heavily. i n (NTRA Many verbs perform an action on something. The 'something' is called the direct object of the verb. ran He ran to school. direct object X NONE с т UsudN runs PRESENT one object He runs to school. ст USually с т two objects FUT The person or thing for whom the ac tion was performed. will run He will run to school. before "of" present direct object Og. word when subject does the action of Halim bought him a present. list indirect object the verb him then find Subject-Verb Agreement find lists They fired their rifles. verb eg. is The rifles were fired. The list of items is on the table. verb when action of writę sentence the verb is done to The person or thing performing the verb. UBJE C T to the subject wrote He wrote a book. iSALE Grammar: physical Action eg. PASSIVE bought Verbs to buy verb Mary bought a tish. to cheat conjugation to believe Tom believes he is right. eg John cheated in the exams. Tom believes he is right. to believe subject O 1st Created by: Daniel Tay X s| believe feels John all no '-s' in verb 1st forms The verb is the most important part of a sentence - you cannot Ron-physical to feel Susan teels sad. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @tayxiongsheng eg. We hought no '-s' form a sentence without one. to think He thoughtabout it first. v1 Nov 2013 I am. Subject Verb to be Verb to be Verb to be Que ss 2nd in the past in the in the future He is the man. no '-s tense present tense is You to tense She guessed the number correctHy. plural singular are They are tired. guess was am will be 2nd 3rd past eg You 3rd was will be will be will be State of Being (to be) You were are It was a joke. They unless He/She/lt future He / She / It is was were with '-s' in verb We were are They were shocked. will be You were are will be This will be tested. They will be were are 111ISN edes verb types PARTICIPLE finitive form OB JE subject trar ACTIVE subject SVA

English Grammar Verbs

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This is a Mind Map on the topic "Grammar: Verbs". It gives all English learners an overview of the different aspects of Verbs.


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