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Emotional Intelligence and Your Career

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE your career How EQ is the new IQ! Experience, IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional intelligence is fast becoming one of the most important attributes for Success in business. Discover more about emotional intelligence and how it relates to your workplace. WHAT IS EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE OR EQ? The ability to relate to others in effective ways both personally and professionally in a wide range of contexts and roles. The ability be aware of The ability to be aware of name and manage name and understand other's emotions. one's emotions. Why s EQimpartant at work? MANAGING STRESS Emotional intelligence helps us manage stress, it is vital for enhanced co-operation and teamwork, and it helps us to learn in relationships. COLLABORATION Our ability to work together is profoundly impacted by our emotions, and this requires an ability to self-soothe, connect, and integrate in workplace relationships. UNDERSTANDING EMOTIONS IN THE CONTEXT OF BUSINESS Three emotional capacities-self-reflection, self-regulation and empathy-form the foundation for all competencies and skills. Whyemotional intelligence is needed to succeed Studies have found that 67% of all competencies deemed essential for high performance were related to emotional intelligence. It was also discovered that emotional intelligence mattered twice as much as technical knowledge or IQ for this high performance. One study tested 186 executives on emotional intelligence and compared their scores with their company's profitability; leaders who scored higher in emotional intelligence were more likely to be highly profitable. Another study found that when asked what traits set superior performers apart, emotionally intelligent competencies were highlighted 44% of the time and cognitively intelligent competencies only 19% of the time. THE BENEFITS OF EQ IN THE WORKPLACE Emotionally intelligent people are an asset to a workplace as they can: Successfully manage difficult situations Express themselves clearly Gain respect from others Influence other people Entice other people to help them out Keep cool under pressure Recognise their emotional reactions to people or situations Know how to say the "right" thing to get the right result Manage themselves effectively when negotiating ?????? IL Manage other people effectively when negotiating Motivate themselves to get things done Know how to be positive, even during difficult situations Houelowemotional intelligence can i impactthe workglae An inability to hear critical feedback Victim statements such as "If only he/she would..." Blaming others If Passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive, communication Diverse opinions that are not welcomed or valued Leaders who do not listen and become out of touch with those they lead THE MOST EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT CEOS Jeff Buge AMAZON.COM Jeff Bezos' obsession with the hearts and minds of his customers and his long-term perspective on relationships (and business strategy) are well known. He famously discussed this during his YouTube announcement of Amazon's Zappos acquisition in 2009. Warren Buffitt BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Buffet once famously stated that "Success in investing doesn't correlate with IQ once you're about the level of 25. Once you have ordinary intelligence, what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble investing." Buffett is relationship-driven and asks his CEOS to run their companies as if they were to own them 100 years from now. NIRE MATH OMESERVICE Ursula Burns XEROX In tandem with Anne Mulcahy who moved up to Chairperson, Burns transitioned to CEO as the first woman-to-woman CEO leadership transition in a Fortune 500 company in what has become a pivotal case study in organisational development. Direct, yet respectful, her assertiveness is matched by a sense of mission that inspires her employees. XEROX. Jamie Dimon JPMORGANCHASE At Harvard Business School, Dimon said: "You all know about IQ and EQ. Your IQ's are all high enough for you to be very successful, but where people often fall short is on the EQ [Emotional Intelligence]. It's something you develop over time. A lot of management skills are EQ because management is all about how people function." OJPMorganChase Howard Schultz STARBUCKS Schultz says that the main reason he came back was "love" for the company and its people. Schultz is dedicated to generous healthcare benefits for employees - inspired by his father losing his health insurance when Schultz was a kid. HIRING AN EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT STAFF Safaware areness If a person has a healthy sense of self-awareness, they understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as how their actions affect others. A person who is self-aware is usually better able to handle and learn from constructive criticism than one who is not. Sefregelation Motivation Emotionally intelligent people are self-motivated. They are not motivated simply by money or a title. They are USually resilient and optimistic when they encounter disappointment and are driven by an inner ambition. A person with a high EQ can maturely reveal their emotions and exercise restraint when needed. Instead of squelching their feelings, they express them with restraint and control. Pople skills Empathy People who are emotionally intelligent are able to build rapport and trust quickly with others on their teams. They avoid power struggles and backstabbing. They usually enjoy other people and have the respect of others around them. A person who has empathy has compassion and an understanding of human nature that allows them to connect with other people on an emotional level. The ability to empathise allows a person to provide great service and respond genuinely to others' concerns. REFERENCES hbrorg/2004/01/what-makes-a-leader goodmenprojectcom/featured-content/10-tips-for-improving-your-emotional-intelligence-and-become-a-better-leader-kcon Intelligencein_Business_Today Brighton School of Business and Management Www.BRIGHTONSBM.cOM Online Distance Learning Courses

Emotional Intelligence and Your Career

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· Emotional intelligence helps us manage stress, it is vital for enhanced co-operation and teamwork, and it helps us to learn in relationships. · Studies have found that 67% of all c...


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