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Education & training for the future

Education & Training for Careers of the Future If you're returning to the workforce or want to create more career opportunities, you need to know which industries will provide the jobs of the future. We look ahead to 2016-17 to reveal in-demand jobs and careers, so you can start training now for an exciting and employable future. 2012 Australian Job Snapshot 75% of workers are employed in New South Wales. Uictoria & Queensland 37% of the workforce employed in regional Australia QLD NSW VIC 11.5 •............ million Australians employed 1.9% 3.5% Average annual employment growth rates Full-time Part-time Where will the new Over the next five years to 2017, four out of nineteen industries are expected to experience the most growth. Combined, these industries will create more than a quarter of new jobs! jobs come from? Industry growth rates to 2016-17 26.4% Health Care & Social Assistance Construction 14.3% Professional, Scientific & Technical Services 11.8% Education & Training 6.7% ..... We know what industries are growing. but what kind of jobs will be in demand over the next five years? What kind of job ill Australia need by 2016-17? Projected job growth by occupation to 2016-17 94,200 97,700 118,900 146,500 254,700 Clerical and Managers (general managers, hotel and motel Community and Personal Service Technicians and Professionals Administrative Trades Workers (graphic designer. Workers (office manager. executive assistant, legal clerk) (building inspector. web administrator, sound technician) Workers accountant, (massage therapist, child school teacher. web developer) managers. advertising and sales managers) carer, counsellor, youth worker) 3 5. 6. 10 Accountants Bookkeepers Care workers, Contract, Education Advertising Primary School Carers Human Office personal and aged and nursing support Resource Program and Project Managers and Sales Managers Managers Aides disabled Clerks Teachers TOP 10 Most in demand jobs leading up to 2017 00 2017 Australians are becoming more skilled Skill up! By increasing your skills through further education and training, you'll equip yourself with the right tools to create greater job opportunities and access to your dream career. Of the 7.2 million employed people with a qualification. 57% men women 68% 70% 60% 50% 49% 38% Australians with a qualification increased from 47% to 57% over the past 10 years higher education L vocational qualification Skills and education that make up the Australia workforce Percentage of men and women employed in Australia with qualifications beyond high school 28% 26% 15% 11% Bachelor Degree or higher qualification Associate Degree. Aduanced Diploma or Diploma Certificate |l or Certificate III or Certificate II Certificate IU We all choose a career path for different reasons. Some want to help people, others do something they love and some look for financial security. Here's a 2012 salary snapshot of the industries expected to be in high demand over the next five years. Current salary range for growth industries to 2016-17 Salaries: minimum maximum IT $86.226 $109,020 Marketing $75.712 $93.838 Human Resources $74.476 $92,901 Accounting $72.878 $90.348 Sales $71.697 $90,191 Aduertising. Arts & Media $ 65.479 $81.167 Education $ 62.373 $77,284 Community Seruices $ 56.612 $ 68.363 Administration $ 46.296 $ 57.043 Your future begins now! Right now we hope you're as excited as we are about your future! Take that thought to the next level and call us at SEEK Learning. We'll giue you the aduice you need to help find the right course for your career including all the stuff you need to know about applying for TAFE. university and vocational courses. Visit and take the first step to a career with a future. Australian Govt Dept of Education and Workplace Relations: Australian Jobs 2012 ABS: Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations: ANZSCO Australian Social Trends, Sept 2012:, September 2012. Note: All SEEK job ads are required to provide a minimum/maximum salary range. The values above are based on the average min/max salary data provided in SEEK ads and are updated monthly. Freecall 1800 89 10 11 (from within Australia)

Education & training for the future

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Education & training for the future: See where the jobs will be in 2016-17, and what Australia's growing industries are.


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