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Education on the Rise Globally

EDUCATION: ON THE RISE GLOBALLY GLOBAL POPULATION 5000 AVERAGE YEARS OF SCHOOLING To understand the 4000 age 15 and above picture of global higher education and preparing the next generation of leaders, let's start by looking at how growth is occurring globally." 3000 (globally) 2000 lo00 (millions) 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 200o 2010 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 ÅFRICA HAS THE MOST TO GAIN Now let's look at educational achievement by region: Sub-Saharan Africa lags behind the rest of the world in educational attainment, especially in percentage of college completion.' % of College Completion (age 15 and over) Years of Education EUROPE CENTRAL ASIA EAST ASIA PACIFIC AIDDLE EAST NORTH AFRIKA 3% SOUTH ASIA LATIN ANERKA CARBBEAN 1% SUB-SAHARA AFRICA THE RESPONSE OF CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION 43 llo So how is Christian higher education responding to the global opportunity for growth, as they prepare leaders for the next generation? The number of new Christian higher education institutions has been growing faster in Africa than other areas of the PRE 1940-1990- 77 world in the past 20 years.? 25 18 PRE 1940- 1990- 1940 1989 2009 NE ASIA 1940 1989 2009 43 EUROPE 35 22 13 PRE 1940- 1990- 1940 1989 2009 PRE 1940- 1990- 1940 1989 2009 PRE 1940- 1990- 1940 1989 20o09 28 15 MIDDLE EAST SOUTH ASIA SE ASIA PRE 1940- 1990- 1940 1989 2009 48 LATIN AMERICA 18 PRE 1940- 1990- 1940 1989 2009 OCEANIA PRE 1940- 1990- 1940 1989 2009 AFRICA AFRICA: THERE IS TREMENDOUS ROOM FOR GROWTH Even with the recent growth of Christian higher education institutions in Africa, the total number NE ASIA of students in Christian colleges is small. Some countries in Africa have high proportions of Christian college students - Kenya, Uganda, D.R. Congo and Angola have 10-15% of students in Christian institutions. EUROPE 561,181 6,891,987 26,537,514 355,515 1.3% 8.1% (Lebanon Only) MIDDLE EAST 25,749 Students in Christian Total # of Students Higher Ed Institutions 397,243 SOUTH SE ASIA 269,584 190,530 ASIA 13.5% 19,241,123 8,289,295 1.4% 4.8% LATIN 1,036,571 AAMERICA AFRICA 16,880,828 6.1% 3,728,103 3.5% 130,553 OCEANIA 29,909 1,010,750 2.9% FUTURE GROWTH 20% There continues to be great opportunity for the growth of Christian higher education in Africa as currently only 2% of the African university enrollment age cohort is enrolled in higher education. WORLDWIDE % of Eligible Age Enrolled in Higher Education 34% 3% USA INDIA AFRICA 40% 2% SoυTH KOREA PRAY Pray for the Future of Christian Higher Education in Africa as they prepare the next generation of Christian leaders. FUNDING Financing growth in capacity. FACULTY Finding enough adequately prepared faculty members. FOCUS Pray that the many new Christian colleges in Africa will not fizzle out but will thrive to help their nations. 2. Looking for God in the University: Examining Trends in Christian Higher Education, Perry L. Glanzer, Joel A. Carpenter, Nick Lantinga, 2010, Journal - Higher Education Sources: 1. "A New Data Set Of Educational Attainment in the World", 1950-2010, Robert J. Barro and Jong- Wha Lee, Working Paper 15902,, National Bureau Of Economic Research April 2010, Table 3 3. "Perry Glanzer, Dispersing the Light" (data aggregated by region), Christian Scholar's Review, volume 42 issue 4 (30 November 2012), page 321 Sponsored by: To find more infographics Are You Thriving On Mission? CROSSING CULTURES WIT RUTH from GMI visit gmi Purchase a copy of Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Lessons on Thriving in Mission today!

Education on the Rise Globally

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A college education is a valuable resource for a person who is striving develop their skills and make a life for themselves and their family. While we still have a long ways to go, more people around ...


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