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The Education of the Presidents

** * ***** *★** * * ★* * * * ** * * THE EDUCATION OF THE PRESIDENTS Have you ever wondered what type of education you need to become President of the United States? Many believe each president has had an Ivy League education, stellar grades, and a penchant for extracurriculars, but that's not exactly the case. Read on to discover the educational backgrounds of Presidents past and present - the results may surprise you! COLLEGES Nine US Presidents did not graduate Which colleges (undergraduate) have produced the most presidents? from college at all. GEORGE WASHINGTON ANDREW JACKSON 4 MARTIN VAN BUREN 3 ZACHARY TAYLOR MILLARD FILLMORE 2. ABRAHAM LINÇOLN 1. ANDREW JOHNSON GROVER CLEVELAND HARRY TRUMAN YALE UNIVERSITY USMA HARVARD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WILLIAM & MARY PRINCETON UNIVERSITY WEST POINT MAJORS DEGREES Most Popular College Majors for US Presidents since Woodrow Wilson, 1913: Seven Five additional US Presidents have earned presidents were law school LIBERAL ARTS (1) HISTORY (4) PRINTINC & law degrees. dropouts. JOURNALISM (1) PHYSICS (1) SocroLOcY (1) EDUCATION (1) ECONOMICS (3) ENCINEERINC (1) - Woodrow George W. William Henry Harrison enrolled GEOLOCY (1) POLITICAL STUDIES (3) Wilson Bush was was the only the only president to have an MBA. at University of Pennsylvania's Medical School, President to have a PhD. but withdrew before Herbert Hoover majored in Geology at Stanford University. he was able to earn his MD. CLASS RANK UNRULY BEHAVIOR James Buchanan was suspended from Dickinson College for bad behavior, was later readmitted on the condition that he would Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "Not making the baseball team at West Point was one of the greatest disappointments of my life, maybe my greatest.' Rutherford B. Hayes graduated 1* in his class at Kenyon College clean up his act. Dwight D. Eisenhower had a record of disciplinary problems at West Point He received 17 demerits for smoking, William Taft was salutatorian of his class at Yale (2nd in his class) - He was a member not cleaning his room, and being la te for inspection. Franklin Pierce graduated 3rd in his class* of the football, boxing, fencing and gymnastics teams. *Franklin Pierce went into his final year of college with the second lowest grades in his class. He worked extra hard that year to raise his grades. James Carter dropped out of college twice - from Georgia Southwestern College and Georgia Tech – before enrolling at USMA West Point. Ulysses S. Grant graduated 6th in his class at USMA West Point SOURCES http://visual. ly/all-presidents-colleges Joseph Nathan Kane, Facts About the Presidents (New York: Simon & Schuster [Pocket Books), 1968 [Sth printing]), 194. Te College President Illustrations care of J.J. McCullough at Finder 21 2.

The Education of the Presidents

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become the president of the United States? Read on to find out what types of educational backgrounds they had - there are some surprising facts!


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