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Education And Phonics Around The World

I and PHONICS Naround the world 4 3 Average preschool Average preschool starting age for children in other starting age for American children OECD Countries 26 U.S. rank for preschool participation in 4 year olds. Studies show that high - quality early childhood education can siginificaly improve a child's preliteracty and other cognitive skills. One of the greatest resources for better learning is PHONICS phon-ics: houn 1. a method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters'in an alphabetic wrifing sytsěm. It is imposs ible for us to spel1 a word without hearing the sounds that form it. Phonics reading... Helps children recognize and associate sounds Is necessary for the improvement of a child's read- Increases fluency of the letters of the alphabet in in reading. ing words they read. comprehensi a. b. c. d. e. Storytelling isa of method of phonics. Through storytelling children can' learn story structure ánd how to predict outcomes. DA DA JA Learning to Write Vs With a computer children Children's motor control is still in development and can have difficulty forming them by hand. can simply search for letters on a keyboard, making it an important tool. Sources: CNK INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY NationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing htellwwe te especteratelerearinE Rceschool.reading digital EDUCAT

Education And Phonics Around The World

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Education in the United States has changed over the years and not for the better. It used to be, the United States had one of the best educational program and was ranked first in the world for graduat...


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