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Drugs and Alcohol on Campus

DRIGS ALCHOL AND ON CAMPUS МЕЕТ JOHN. John is 18 years old, and he's about to start college. John is already a statistic. Нe's 1 of 17,487,475 STUDENTS ENROLLED IN COLLEGE IN THEUS. John has never thought about drinking- is it possible he'll join the 25% OF STUDENTS BUT who drop out of college because of alcohol-related reasons? DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE 4/5 is the leading cause of death for people between college students drink alcohol, and nearly 15 AND 24 YEARS OLD. 50% OF THOSE WHO DRINK ARE BINGE DRINKERS. + binge (n) > a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess ADDERALL 90% of college students who use Adderall non-medically are also binge drinkers, and by the time John reaches his second year, almost 2 OF HIS CLASSMATES WILL HAVE BEEN OFFERED THE OPPORTUNITY TO ABUSE A PRESCRIPTION DRUG. 25% of college students say they've missed class, bombed a test, or did poorly on a paper because of alcohol. Overall, 47% 38% 46% of college drinkers, of college smokers, and of student hard-drug users claim to use these drugs to RELAX, REDUCE STRESS, FORGET ABOUT PROBLEMS, OR FIT IN SOCIALLY. ABUSIVE COLLEGE DRINKING ISA PROBLEM. EVERY YEAR, 1,825 COLLEGE STUDENTS 1.8 MILLION COLLEGE STUDENTS TODAY meet the legal criteria for substance abuse or dependence. die from unintentional alcohol-related injuries. THAT'S 37 SCHOOL BUSES FULLOF STUDENTS. OVER THE COURSE OF THEIR LIVES, 300,000 OFTODAY'S COLLEGE STUDENTS will eventually die of alcohol-related causes like drunk driving, cancer, or cirrhosis. DRUNK DRIVING CANCER CIRRHOSIS ALCOHOL HELPS PROMOTE BAD DECISION-MAKING IN THE BEDROOM . 70% of college students admit to having sex after drinking that they wouldn't have had if they were sober. 60% At least 1 IN 5 COLLEGE STUDENTS OF COLLEGE WOMEN WITH STDS say they had been drinking when they had abandon safe sex practices when under the influence. sex with the infected person. IN THE CAR 2 MILLION 4 MILLION Every year, an estimated 3,360,000 COLLEGE STUDENTS between 18 and 24 years old get behind the wheel while drunk. PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES HAS RISEN STEADILY SINCE THE '90S. x ANA X PERCOCET TRANQUILIZERS OPIOIDS STIMULANTS ANA X x ANA X ANA X PERCOCET ANA X PIORCOC ANA PERCOCET ANA AN A X ANA X PERCOCET PERCO PERCOCET A ANA X PERCO According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, between 1993 and 2005, there was a 450% 342.9% 93.3% increase in students increase in the proportion of students who used a increase in the abusing prescription tranquilizers (Xanax, Valium) proportion of students who used a prescription stimulant in the past prescription opioid in the past month (Percocet. Vicodin, OxyContin) month (Adderall, Ritalin) GOING GREEK: COMPARING GREEK MEMBERS TO NON-MEMBERS Members of the Greek system are much more likely to abuse drugs than non-members. GREEK MEMBERS NON-MEMBERS Drink 88.5% 67.1% Binge Drink 63.8% 37.4% Drink and Drive 33.2% 21.4% Use marijuana 21.1% 16.4% Use cocaine 3.1% 1.5% Smoke cigarettes 25.8% 20.7% *Data from the National College Health Assosemont curvey CURBING THE USAGE OF ALCOHOL AND ILLICIT DRUGS IN COLLEGE ISN'T A PROBLEM THAT CAN BE COMPLETELY SOLVED BY CHANGING BEHAVIORS ON CAMPUS-IT STARTS MUCH EARLIER. 36% 37% AND OF 12TH GRADERS OF EIGHTH GRADERS admit to using marijuana in have tried alcohol at least the last year. once. SOURCES http://www.talkaboutrxorg/documents/GetTheFacts.pdf bus The Nation's Best Rehabs

Drugs and Alcohol on Campus

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This infographic is an expose of the negative effects of substance abuse culture on college campuses.


Jeff Smith


Jeff Smith


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