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Drug Use on U.S. College Campuses

FAILING GRADE Drug Use on American College Campuses College is a time to try new things, but some experiences leave you with little more than a headache and dropped courses. AND IT'S GETTING WORSE: PERCENTAGE OF COLLEGE STUDENTS WHO HAVE TRIED DRUGS: 26.4% 932.3% > MARIJUANA 13.4% 2.6% 0.9% *** 3.7% j3.6% 74.4% > COCAINE ..... 0.5% > CRACK 0.1% > HEROIN....... 2.7% 6,5% > OTHER -........ .... 3 9% 5.7% 1.2% > AMPHETAMINES > SEDATIVES...... . 3.7% 24% > TRANQUILIZERS .... 5.0% 88.3% 782.1% > ALCOHOL-..... nnnnn "THE STUDY DRUG," "COLLEGÊ CRACK?" or When the pressure to succeed PUSHES STUDENTS TO FAILURE The average college student parties 10+ HOURS A WEEK Balancing studies and partying proves to be a difficult practice in time management for many students: 50-60% OF COLLEGE SENIORS have abused unprescribed Adderall or Ritalin as a study aid Side effects include nausea, > paranoia, nervousness, trouble sleeping, and loss of appetite Mixing Adderall/Ritalin with > alcohol can result in mania, breakdowns and psychosis This, compared to only 7.25 HOURS SPENT STUDYING DRINKING IN THE DORMS The college student's DRUG OF CHOICE ...... 82% of college students drink 50% of college students admit to having blacked out at least once AVERAGE AVERAGE 82 DRINKS 59 DRINKS A MONTH A MONTH MALE STUDENTS FEMALE STUDENTS UN-TAP THAT KEG! Student benders are growing LONGER AND MORE DANGEROUS 40% OF COLLEGE STUDENTS binge drink at least once a month 16% OF COLLEGE STUDENTS report binge drinking on five or more occasions during the previous month 13% CONSUMED 10 OR MORE DRINKS in a row within the past two weeks 5% CONSUMED 15 OR MORE DRINKS in a row within the past two weeks STOP PLAYING BEER PONG! 3.36 MILLION STUDENTS get behind the wheel drunk each year X100,000 696,000 PEOPLE are assaulted . by intoxicated students each year 599,000 STUDENTS suffer alcohol-related injuries each year 31% OF STUDENTS meet the criteria for a clinical diagnosis of alcohol abuse each year 400.000 INEBRIATED STUDENTS engage in unprotected sex each year 25% OF STUDENTS face academic consequences as a result of alcohol abuse each year 97,000 PEOPLE are sexually assaulted by intoxicated students each year 11% OF STUDENTS damage private property while intoxicated each year 1,825 STUDENTS die from alcohol poisoning each year YOU'RE DAMAGING MORE THAN YOUR LIVER 90% OF CAMPUS RAPES are fueled by drugs or alcohol 31% OF STUDENTS have missed a class due to drug or alcohol abuse 22% OF STUDENTS have failed an exam due to drug or alcohol abuse 159,000: NUMBER OF FRESHMEN WHO WILL DROP OUT EACH YEAR BECAUSE OF DRUG OR ALCOHOL ABUSE Sources use.pdf id-TQMRXa4Ja7MC&dq-college-drug-use-survey&lr-&source-gbs,navlinks s edge consumption-affects-gpa.html 3/19/health headlines lit/?cid-rs,1 binge- drinking-huguely-college-students/3 Today 20 years ago

Drug Use on U.S. College Campuses

shared by asussman on Apr 11
While the average college experience isn’t quite Animal House, it has been referred to as a four year party. What drugs are college students taking, and what are some of the consequences.


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