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Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?

A study has found that the more students text, the more it may impact their grammar. How does this happen and why does it matter? Learn more: DOES TEXTING HURT YOUR Grammar? (CH What is Techspeak? MILK Text Messages Instant Messages t'sa TAKE ON ENGLISH that's used in: The shortened language allows users to type more quickly, especially if the number of characters they can use is limiting. For example: Emails Words are abbreviated: Social Networks See -C "see" becomes "c" Homophone symbols are To -2 used: "to" becomes "2" Techspeak also uses abbreviations and acronyms, like these that were added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011: Punctuation and capitalization are ignored for the most part. Example: gr8 cu 2nite LOL омG FYI TMI Iмно Laughing Out Loud Too Much Information Oh My God In My Humble/ Honest Opinion For Your Information HERE'S THE PROBLEM Girls Young Adults Boys 2,539 4,050 1,630 Middle school students are the most likely to use techspeak. But middle school is when students' formative (Average number of texts sent per month) learning years occur. The study concluded that: students who use techspeak often may have trouble switching back to traditional grammar when needed. 43% of polled teenagers in 2010 said they got a cell phone primarily for text messaging. 13-17 18-24 TEXT USAGE By Age - 2010 25-34 This is concerning because 13- to 17-year-olds send more than twice the number of text messages each month than any other age group. 35-44 Using lechspeak may rob kids of a fundamental understanding of standard grammar. 45-54 1000 2000 3000 4000 Plus, the more often they received text messages with techspeak, the more often they were likely to send a text using techspeak. Middle school students who own a cell phone are more likely to use informal writing styles in instant messaging and email too, than students who did not own a cell phone. HOW DO STUDENTS FEEL? =( 50% 11% 86% "A decline in of surveyed teens said they do not use proper punctuation on grammatical marks when writing text or instant messages. said they thought electronic communications had a negative impact on their writing skills. of adolescents grammatical skills is altributed think having good writing skills is to the use of lechspeak in most daily communications." important for success in life. S The major OFFENDERS? 25% 64% said they have used emoticons of teens admit to using techspeak in their classroom writing assignments, plus: 38% have used abbreviations like LOL Punctuation errors Apostrophe errors CANADA =/ Agrees brb Emoticon usage Abbreviations An article in Canada's Globe and Mail concluded that texting is not just harming college students' grammar skills, it's killing them. such as "cuz" lol cu l8tr. Why does all of this matter? Communicating poorly may give someone the wrong impression of you. The person may think you can't: Sentence fragments abc spell or punctuate think clearly express yourself well Sources:| I | | Online Informalion provided by: distribute and tranomt he work + More

Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?

shared by bigoak on Feb 18
A study found that the more students text, the more it may impact their grammar. How does this happen and why does it matter?


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