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Do You Need a Student Affairs Detox?

Do you need a Student Affairs Detox? Most experts would agree, passion for your job is a great thing. However, for all of the benefits of really enjoying your job, there is a unfortunate outcome: Student Affairs Addiction. As an RA or Orientation Leader you don't think much about your need to be social organizer in your group of friends, but as you spend more and more time in the profession, you find your job creeping into every aspect of your life. After a while, you may not even be able to determine how much of it is "just you being you" and how much of it is influenced by the work you do. If any of this sounds too familiar, you should review the symptoms below, as you may in fact need a student affairs detox. SYMPTOM SYMPTOM Physical Reaction Rationalization You mentally and physically cringe when you hear the words "dorm," "kids," or "freshman." When someone cuts you off, you feel that need to challenge them by asking them what made them want to do that. Date sensitivity 3 Sense of Responsibility 4 SYMPTOM SYMPTOM Campus Events "I have a intense desire to check out this bulletin board that I can't explain. Wonder what this campus is doing that we aren't." EMERGENCY EVACUATION ROUTE When you walk by bulletin boards and kiosks (on other campuses, in the community) and can't help but pull down out of date flyers. When you can't help but enforce policy or assist in an evacuation, no matter where you are. Overzealous dedication Balance Adjustment 6. SYMPTOM SYMPTOM to community building When your strong commitment to building a sense of community has spilled outside of the institution's property lines, as you "engage" with everyone you meet so that they feel included in your neighborhood. You know more about what's going on in your students' lives than you do about your friends and family. Extreme Coaching SYMPTOM SYMPTOM Overreacting 8. 583.00 When you see blue tape being use in a frivolous way like taping a flyer to a bulletin board you freak out. "Do you When you ask the cashier at your local market what their 4-year plan is and when they hesitate for a moment you know how much this stuff costs?!" pull out your charts and career guide. SYMPTOM SYMPTOM Campus magnetism Icebreakerism 10 *"You've checked in to 10 different college campus locations & earned a badge!" When on a road trip, whenever you are within 20 miles of a college you insist that you must visit the campus and go on a campus tour. When you start up icebreakers at the table when you go out to eat, at family reunions, funerals, or ANYTIME there is a lull in conversation. Seeing "teachable 11 moments" everywhere SYMPTOM SYMPTOM Star Struck 12 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT IN COLLEGE Educating THEORY, RESEARCH. AND PRACTICE Design Creating Campus Learning Emvironments That Work generation DeanaS Forney Due to all of your training & educating others, you no longer find the majority of comedian's punch lines humorous, and are instead compelled to have an educational conversation about such statements. When you bring grad school books to a conference to get them signed. Hyper sensitivity SYMPTOM SYMPTOM Always "on duty" 13 14 You can't read this infographic without somehow wondering whether the title "Student Affairs Detox" might offend someone who is really going through When you hang out with friends and think about what kind of sanctions you would give them for their party stories. detox in real life. Image Credits: 1. By orphanjones 2. by Creative Tools 3. By JeffChristiansen 4. Salvatore Vuono / 6. jscreationzs /, 12. Reyļ By prawnpie 14. happykanppy / Inspired by: Social-media-detox-infographic by Column Five, Designed by @jessfaulk

Do You Need a Student Affairs Detox?

shared by Angel on Dec 27
This infogrpahic provides a list of things that may mean you need a detox from college students. This infographic is geared towards R.A's who are near college students all the time and it shows the sy...




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