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Divorce Across the Years

bannerjones solicitors DIVORCE ACROSS THE YEARS BACK IN THE YEAR 1931 there were only 3764 divorces. This is a small number considering the population was nearly 40 MILLION in England and wales. SINCE THEN. DIVORCE RATES HAVE INCREASED RAPIDLY. IN 1975 there were 120,522. IN 1993 O::0 there were 165,018 divorces - this is the highest amount of divorces in a year since records began THAT'S AN INCREASE IN DIVORCE OF 4284% BETWEEN 1931 AND 1993. IN 2012 divorces dropped down to 118.140 165,018 100,000 50,000 1860 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 YEAR THAT'S STILL 13 DIVORCES an hour in ENGLAND & WALES WHEN DO PEOPLE GET DIVORCED? 42% of all marriages ALMOST HALF OF THESE ARE EXPECTED will end within the first TO END IN DIVORCE 10 YEARS OF MARRIAGE 情 替 林林 林林林 体 林 件 .BUT IF YOU MAKE IT TO 26 YEARS, your probability 34% OF MARRIAGES WILL END IN DIVORCE - BY THE 20TH- wedding anniversary. OF DIVORCE IS LESS THAN 1% PREVIOUS RESEARCH SUGGESTS AGE IS IMPORTANT • The chance of divorce is 53% OF MARRIAGES OF UNDER 20s END IN DIVORCE BY the 30th anniversary ONLY 7% OF MARRIAGES GREATEST end in divorce if THOSE WHO MARRIED BETWEEN 4TH AND 8TH WERE AGED 45-49. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY THE average AGE THAT MEN DIVORCE IS 45 THE average AGE THAT WOMEN DIVORCE IS 42 WHY DO PEOPLE DIVORCE? THE MAIN REASON FOR DIVORCE IS GROWING APART OR falling out of love ... 1 IN 7 DIVORCES ARE DUE TO ADULTERY •... .. IN LAWS ARE BLAMED FOR 1 IN 10 DIVORCES BUT DESPITE THESE DISMAL FIGURES; the average marraige in ENGLAND AND WALES LASTS 32 YEARS. bannerjones solicitors If you are thinking about a divorce please get into contact and speak to one of our specialist family law solicitors to to book a free assessment information meeting. Phone: 0330 017 6309 Web: Join our Social Networks in You Tube 8+ Sources: http://www.191 13175/In-laws-blamed-for-one-in-10-divorces.html

Divorce Across the Years

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Have you ever wondered how the divorce rate today compares to 1931? Or how about which marriages are likely to last and which are likely to end in divorce? Check out our 'Divorce Across the Years' inf...




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