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Digital Student

DIGITAL TECH & f) STUDENT'SLIFE When it comes to students, technology is something which is very crucial not only for academic purpose but also as a tool for communication, expression and engagement. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, etc. all are becoming a part of student's live. Which technology is important in student's lives and which they use the most, lets find out: 68% 37% DEVICES 84% 31% E- Reader .-- . . - - ... MOST IMPORTANT IN ACADEMICS 45% Time spent in smartphone 70% Apps 42% own featured phone 2,718281828 30% Web Broser 58% own Smartphone 58% On average, A millenial owns 2.4 devices Cannot go more than an hour without checking their phone 2.4 Average Graduation student n send ověr 50 texts in a day ax THIS IS HOW WE USE SMARTPHONE #1 At Home 62% 2,7182 # 2 On the GO.. 62% of Gen Y digital users, are more likely to check social media updates rather than news as first thing in the morning 77% Use it when they first wake up in the morning 93% # 3 At work/College 72% Use it before they go to sleep Use their smartphone, while riding in a bus, train or car PCB) 92% 47% 39% Use it during idle time at work or at school Use it in the bathroom Use it while exercising C 73% 78% 64% 85% Use it for searching and academic related work Use it while in line, (like at grocery, store) With Music With TV Time Spent Online 54% of students spends more than 6 hours per day connected to internet 2 30% of male students spends over 10 hours a day connected to internet 1887% of students spends most of their time at college/university online Keeping in touch at home 79% have taught their parents to use skype 46% have taught their parents to use Mail 37% have taught their parents to use Facebook Р Кaran Jain O Sources: Other: The Nelsen company- Mobile Marketing Watch - PC world -common sense media 38% ..... %99 00000

Digital Student

shared by p.karanjain on Mar 03
This is how deeply digital technology is instilled in student's life..!!



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