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Transcribed Summer Words For the Summer Learning Lull

1 fair [fair] It was a fair day at the fair! English is full of words like "fair" that have more than one meaning. Kids know that summer liberty means there's no school, and that it is also one of the ideas Americans celebrate on the 4th of July. Can you think of any other words with more than one meaning? 2 liberty [lib-er-tee] 10 Summer slothful [slawth-fuhl, slohth-] Having lots of fancy words like these in English means we can say exactly what we want to say. These words are both ways of saying something's going slowly and lazily, but their meanings are just a little bit different. Such fancy words also sound pretty cool. Look these up in and see if you can find any more! 4 languid [lang-gwid] WORDS 5 sunshine [suhn-shahyn] Many words that describe things (called adjectives) end in a "y Some, like "sultry." start out as adjectives while others, like "sunshine" are made out of words for things (called nouns).Oh, "sultry" means hot by the way. It's another one of those fancy words. FOR THE SUMMER LEARNING LULL 6 sultry [suhl-tree] 1 polliwog [pol-ee-wog] You might know these words, but you probably won't hear them on the The buds of May have faded away and summer is upon us, yielding a bouquet of linguistic blooms to delight young and old alike. Share these ten aestival words with your 5-10 year olds and keep those kids' lexical synapses firing'til Fall. news. They're the kind of words that people use with their friends and family (called colloquialisms). If you do know what these mean, your cousin in England or South Dakota might not! The words we use in English are sometimes just a little bit different in different places. 8 taffy [taf-ee] These words from are paired up to sneak some more complex concepts into your child's sultry seaside days homonyms, synonyms, adjectives, colloquialisms and scientific terms are elucidated for juvenile joy. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day, O list of vocab? 9 solstice [sol-stis, sohl-] Sometime around June 20th is the longest day of the year, called the summer solstice: the height of summer! The length of days and the seasons happen because the earth is a bit crooked as it goes around the sun. If you're at the seaside this summer, you can see the tides. The water goes in and out because the moon, like the earth, has a force of gravity. The moon sucks the water towards it just a little bit. 10 tide [tahyd] POWERED BY Summer Words For the Summer Learning Lull

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