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Devops Benefits

LOGIN360 ° DEVOPS BENEFITS IN THE TODAY'S BUSINESSES 01 BUSINESS GROWTH Business growth can be achieved either by boosting the top line or revenue of the business with greater product sales or service income 03 CHANGE REQUESTS A change request is a formal proposal for an alteration to some product or system . In project management , a change request often arises when the client wants an addition or alteration to the agreed - upon deliverables for a project . 05 SOFTWARE SECURITY Software security is the concept of implementing mechanisms in the construction of security to help it remain functional ( or resistant ) to attacks . This means that a piece of software undergoes software security testing before going to market to check its ability to withstand malicious attacks . 07 SYNERGIES Synergy is the concept that the value and performance of two companies combined will be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts . If two companies can merge to create greater efficiency or scale , the result is what is sometimes referred to as a synergy merge . B 02 CUSTOMER REVIEWS A review system is a tool that enables you to gather feedback from your customers about their experience with your product or service and display their opinions publicly on your eCommerce site 04 QUALITY OF MONEY The quantity theory of money is a framework to understand price changes in relation to the supply of money in an economy It argues that an increase in money supply creates inflation and vice versa . The Irving Fisher model is most commonly used to apply the theory . DELIVERY AND 06 DEVELOPMENT Application Delivery is a combination of services that work in tandem to deploy an application ( typically a web application ) to end - users with fast , efficient , and reliable data processing and computing within data centers or cloud environments . [email protected]

Devops Benefits

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Heightened receptivity Automation of processes and tests is a crucial component of DevOps. By automating some procedures, deployment can be accelerated. This suggests that you are able to adapt quickl...




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