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Data Storage Timeline

DATA STORAGE TIMELINE: SUPER-SIZE TO BYTE-SIZE 1956 IBM SHIPS 1ST HARD DRIVE-5MB SIZE OF 2 REFRIGERATORS 1971 IBM: FIRST FLOPPY DISK - STORED 80KB, READ ONLY First read/write floppy released by Memorex in 1972 1980 IBM: WORLDS FIRST 1GB+ HARD DRIVE Could store 2.52 GB. SIZE OF1 REFRIGERATOR 1985 FIRST CAN STORE UP CD-ROMS TO 900MB 900MB 1996 FIRST STORES 4.7GB OF DATA DVDS DUD DATALYTICS ALYTICS 2001 FIRST USB FLASH DRIVE, STORED 8 MB - MODERN FLASH DRIVES CAN STORE UP TO 128GB PLASA 2006 AMAZONS ELASTIC COMPUTE CLOUDCEC2) CLOUD SERVICES now offer as much off site storage as an individual or company needs Amazon ECZ 2007 HITACHI: FIRST 1 TERABYTE (1024GB) HARD DRIVE 2011 1.8 ZETABYTES (1.8 TRILLION GBS) OF DATA CREATED IN 2011, ENOUGH TO FILL 57.5BN 32GB IPADS (enough to build a great ipad wall of china, twice as tall as the original) 2012 DATA COLLECTION VOLUME INCREASED BY 400% IN 2012 2013 CLOUD ESTIMATED TO CONTAIN MORE THAN 1 EXABYTE OF DATA 1 EXABYTE 2014 COMPANIES CAN NOW ANALYSE PETABYTES OF DATA - 20M FOUR DRAWER FILING CABINETS OR 13.3 YEARS OF HDTV 2018 AMOUNT OF DATA ON INTERNET 40 TIMES LARGER THAN 2009 1Zetabyte 2020 1Erabyte 1/3 OF ALL DATA 1 Petabyte 1Terabyte will have passed through the cloud, we will have created 35 ZETABYTES OF DATA (1ZB - 1,073,741,824TB) INFOGRAPH BY datalytics Treetop Studio 400%

Data Storage Timeline

shared by aisgriff on Jun 26
Infograph for Datalytics, showcasing data storage throughout the years. Datalytics used this infograph throughout their social media platforms and also as a tool at a DIT conference entitled ‘Sto...


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