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Cyber Bullying in the School Years

CYBER BULLYING AND E-SAFETY FACTS OWNERSHIP OF PUPILS AGED I-17 - 10 TEXTS TEXTS SENT PER WEEK 94% 89% HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONAL LAPTOP OR PC 8-|| YEAR OLDS 12-15 YEAR OLDS OWN A MOBILE PHONE 41 193 ACCESS TO THE NET x4 UK AVERAGE! Now 50p/hour 90s Family PC with dial-up Personal mobile phones, laptops, tablets, games consoles, internet cafes/libraries and friends houses PUPILS NOT EXPERIENCING ONLINE BULLYING 51% 49% OF PUPILS HAVE BEEN BULLIED ONLINE TYPES OF ONLINE BULLYING 50% 42% 26% 30% Receive a message frorm sOmeONe who isn't wh0 they say they are Recive a nessage felling then there were nasty cOMmeNtS about then onliNe Rececive nessages from a stRaNger asking to ricet up ARe asked to do Soriething they did not WONT to do FALSE IDENTITY ONLINE COMMENTS STRANGERS PEER PRESSURE 152 OF GIRLS USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKS & CHAT ROOMS Abusive Corments Sexual Jealousy Horophobic INsults Sexual Periarks. Jokes & Threats Threatening Chain Letters TYPES OF ABUSE Ruriours Tiessages SexTINg UNwaNied Sexual suggestions ShuNNINg INdividuals PUPILS NOT EXPERIENCING MOBILE BULLYING 68% 32% BULLIED BY PHONE 25% OF PHONE BULLYING CONTINUES AFTER SCHOOL Party at mine.. you aren't invited Haahahaha! 30% 33% ARE VICTINS OF DELIBERATE CHANGES OF SOCIAL PLANS IN ORDER TO EXCLUDE RECEIVE THREATS VIA PHONE GIRLS BOYS 6% NUMBER ADMITTING TO BULLYING OTHERS 7% 27% NASTY COMMENTS RECEIVED ONLINE 15% 52% EXPERIENCED NAME CALLING BY TEXT 45% 31% BEEN CALLED'GAY'OR'LESBIAN’AS AN INSULT 44% 25% EXPERIENCED HOMOPHOBIC BULLYING 34% PUPILS WHO FAIL TO GET HELP OR ADVICE 18% 52% DID GET HELP OR ADVICE REPORTED CYBER-BULLYING TO SOMEONE 62% 38% DIDN'T REPORT BULLYING 462 16% HAVE RECEIVED SOME FORM OF E-SAFETY INFORMATION % WHO CAN GET AROUND PARENTAL CONTROLS &BLOCKS 81% SAY THE E-SAFETY ADVICE IS GENERALLY GOOD E-SAFETY ADVICE 86% WERE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL 67% HAVE BEEN TAUGHT E-SAFETY BY THEIR PARENTS DESPITE RECEIVING ADVICE... 70% OF 14-15 YEAR OLDS DONT FOLLOW E-SAFETY ADVICE WHY? HEAD OVER TO OUR BLOG FOR THE ANSWER AND EXPERT TIPS TO TACKLE CYBER-BULLYING @osirisedu Blog Adrienne Katz, Die cior of the BIG Award - writing for Osiris Educational, 2012 The Essex Cybersurvey by Adrienne Katz and Catherine Dillon, 2011 Reach Cybersurvey by EACH, 2011 Sources: OSIRIS © 2012 Osiris Educational Woodhall Spa Ltd. All Rights Reserved. EDUCATIONAL

Cyber Bullying in the School Years

shared by OsirisEducational on Apr 16
The true shocking numbers experiencing cyber-bullying in UK schools and those ignoring e-safety advice


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