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Cost of Bachelor’s Degree around the World

Co$t Cost of Bachelor's Degree around the World Average Estimated Cost in Various Countries: Canada Bachelor's degree for a foreign student per one school year (8 months) Sweden China Bachelor's degree costs US $ 1605 to $ 8667 for international students. Can cost you anywhere between US $ 12057 - $21100 n an undergraduate program Cost US $ 12038. per academic year for the courses in humanities, commerce, law, and social science. United States Private universities charge US $ 26,273. while public universities charge US $7,020. Germany Japan Bachelor's degree costs US $ 4728 - $ 6496 per year. Bachelor's degree Costs US $ 648 per Semester Denmark Bachelor's degree costs US $ 7818 - $ 20850 Mexico Public Universities charge US $ 378 - $ 818 per academic Year for a Bachelor's degree. France Bachelor's degree costs US $ 4668 - $ 18545 depending on the course chosen. South Africa Bachelor's degree costs US $ 5162 to $ 5500 for Undergraduate students. Australia Bachelor's degree Costs between US $ 14667 and $ 36669 per annum. Spain Bachelor's degree costs between US $ 648 and $ 1452 New Zealand Bachelor's degree costs about US $ 12478 on average. Italy Bachelor's degree costs US $ 1102 - $1296 10 private colleges With the Most Expensive : per academic year Public universities. $44,070 $44,705 Trinity College (CT) Vassar College (NY) University Tulane Rock (MA) at Simon's Bard College (LA) (1) University Wesleyan $43,840 $43,434 $43,674 Photography /Film Studies Art Dentistry Music Law Most Expensive Majors Medicine Architecture Aviation Interior Design Engineering Most Expensive Degrees With Least Paying Jobs Philosophy Wesleyan University-Middletown, Connecticut ($38,934/year) Dance Ball State University ($27,046/year) Leisure Studies University of lowa ($32,801/year) Latin Colgate University ($39,545/year) Communications Harvard University ($32,896/year) Art History Hollins University ($26,500/year) Physical Education Capital University ($32,000/year) Womens Studies George Washington University ($40,437/year) Art Therapy School of Visual Arts ($25,500/year) Poetry Johns Hopkins University ($35,900/year) DESIGNED BY: $43,866 Universil "IPA Connecticut College $43,990 St.e (MD) $44,056 University $43,396 Carnegie (PA) Mellon (AN) University Columbia $45,290

Cost of Bachelor’s Degree around the World

shared by ShaeLynn on Dec 14
This info graphic depicts the skyrocketing tuition fees for the Bachelor's degree courses around the world. The viewer is enlightened about the colleges that charge high fee and the courses that are e...


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