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Construction Accidents: The Risks, the Facts, The Repercussions

CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENTS/ The Risks, The Facts, The Repercussions 1 in 5 workplace fatalities occur in construction. Two construction workers die each day in the U.S., on average, and thousands more are seriously injured. (the highest rate of all industries) But the loss doesn't stop there: Construction accident injuries cripple entire families' ability to earn an income, care for their dependents, and sustain their quality of life. The culprits? MEET THE FATAL FOUR FALLS/ 36.9% COMMON FACTORS: Unprotected sides, wall openings, floor holes. Improper scaffold construction. Unguarded, protruding steel bars. Misuse of portable ladders. STRUCK BY OBJECT//10.3% 2 COMMON FACTORS: Vehicles. Falling/flying objects. Masonry walls. 1/3 of all Hispanic - workers killed on the job are in construction. ELECTROCUTIONS//8.9% COMMON FACTORS: Contact with power lines. Lack of ground-fault. Path to ground missing or discontinuous. Improper use of equipment & cords. XXXXXXX CAUGHT BETWEEN "We're talking about much more than just statistics. Almost every construction worker that dies leaves behind a family: children, spouses, parents whose lives are devastated. A breadwinner's serious injury can throw a family permanently out of the middle class." OBJECTS//2.6% COMMON FACTORS: Unsafe access/egress. Unsafe spoil-pile placement. Failure to inspect trench and protective systems. No protective system. DAVID MICHAELS Asst. Secretary, OSHA | US. Dept of Labor RISK FACTORS & REPERCUSSIONS Potential Accident Top 10 OSHA* Cited Violations Repercussions *Occupational Safety & Health Administration • Amputated limbs • Scarring • Disfigurement • Back or neck injuries Fall Protection Communications Scaffolding Respiratory Powered Protection Industrial Trucks Hazard Spinal cord injury • Blindness • Deafness • Brain injury Lockout/ Tagout • Death Ladders Electrical, Wiring Machine Electrical, General Guarding Methods Requirements • Long-term impairment & inability to earn wages Who is at Risk? Although conditions vary, the following are occupations with the greatest number of documented fatal injuries in the private construction sector: 7% 7% 11% 13% 26% 100- 100- 100- 100- 100- 50- 50- 50- 50- 0- 0- CARPENTERS ELECTRICIANS ROOFERS FIRST-LINE SUPERVISORS CONSTRUCTION LABORER What To Do When an Accident Happens If you or someone you care about suffers a construction accident, the following steps can help minimize negative ramifications: START HERE DO I NEED A LAYWER? Have you been to the doctor several times because of your injury? Get medical attention. Have you lost income or spent a considerable amount of money to care for your injury? (Alternatively, do you expect considerable expenses or lost income in the future?) Document and report the injury to your employer or construction site manager. YES NO Gather contact info for witnesses. Preserve evidence. Take photos of the injury, location where the accident occurred and, if possible, retain object(s) related to the injury. CAUTION Are you uneasy about your future and recovery because of your injury? NO YES Seek an attorney to evaluate a potential claim. YES NO EXIT Compensation What kind of compensation might I be eligible for? While much depends on your case and state, common compensation elements for a personal injury case include: You likely don't have a need for a A personal injury attorney may be of assistance. Request a complimentary case evaluation. personal injury attorney. Medical Bills Pain & Suffering Lost Income What If I'm Partly at Fault? In many states, you can still make a successful claim, even if the accident was partly your fault. In states that operate under a comparative fault principle, a jury would decide the percentage of fault for both you and the defendant, and award damages accordingly. PAST & FUTURE "A successful outcome hinges in part on your legal team's experience & familiarity with the industry's standards & regulations. How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit? The typical statute of limitations is two years. Certain differences apply, however, depending on your case type. Some cases, for example, require a claims notice to be filed within 180 days. BOTTOM LINE: Don't wait until the last minute. I'm Not Sure What To Do. What Now? When in doubt, seek legal counsel if you're uneasy about your future & recovery. Most personal injury attorneys offer a complimentary case evaluation. Wilson W KW Kehoe Winingham uc Wilson Kehoe Winingham defends persons harmed by others. Other attorneys often refer cases to WKW because of its depth of litigation experience and success in courts - a record that has earned its partners the industry's highest ratings and recognition. Request a free case evaluation: | (800) 525-8028 SOURCES | U.S. Dept. of Labor | | Infographic designed by StrataBlue

Construction Accidents: The Risks, the Facts, The Repercussions

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Accidents happen. On construction sites, accidents happen frequently. Learn some important and sobering construction accident statistics with this infographic. Generally an employee cannot sue his or ...




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