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Community Engagement

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT JOIN THe MOVEME • A YEAR OF SOCIAL AWARENESS • EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT IN 2012: EDUCATION has the power to unlock a path to a better future for inner city youth. It provides options to expand horizons beyond the world young people see every day. However, many inner city teens are unaware of the importance of education, and the impact it will have on their future. Additionally, inner city teens We donated pft cardh to, hested parties ard spomorededacational trips for scheoh and partrer wth school datricta to povide ncentives for caderie acheremert and amendano. suffer from a lack of access to equitable educational rescurces. To ensure that the teens in our communities are able to tap into the power of education VILLA supports organizations and delivers programs that:t We aia particianed inpe rales, voter registration alies, and career days WCREASE MCREASE DECHEASE NCREASE NCREASE Nigh uhwal proneton t tn o nto and tour-par colegas and uni e Nigh uhaol any and dopt spasa torit-alual acivta, hera and inupiational BACK TO SOOOL Braidh & Fedes proeided over 400 free haircuts forkids to start the school par att an the ght foot. acce taaen adachndieg ta te ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENT IN 2012: Participated in the Lowe Park flanbmeb clean Sponsoneda battication pject between Farview Eementary and Dower Hgh School b, VILLA stores serve as community hubs where teens Provide educational opportunities/resouces that teach teens about emvironmental issues Beautify or can learn, socialize, and have fun in a safe, clean and revitalize urban ares and create sale spaces for Reduce waste/ervirorment al impact from VILLAratail oparations beautiful environment. We leens are committed to extending Joined in the 2012 MLK Dey of Service with Cty Year at Germantowm High School te clean and this concept into the Taok part in the neighborhoods beyond our Eud Ben Fande (CNcaa doors. To accomplish this pain the scheel goal, VILLA supports organizations and delivers Sponsored the Raading Registered 600 ew voters through the COUNT Voter Registen Orine programs that Afro-Latino festial ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT IN 2012: Sporesred the SCC Entrepreneuhp Camp at Spracune University and Temple Univers ty's A MESA Scon Valey Technolegyk Entrepreneune Trip VILLA hires young men and women directly from the neighborhoods where its stores operate. Store VILL managers and sales experts are not only trained to be excellent managers but also to be leaders within their communities. VILLA creates opportunities for professional development through the following: JoIN THE MOVENY Hoated interm per round at our HQ. worked with partrrs to place items inour stores in Philadelpha and had two pad Workeady high schoel inerm in cur ettice lat amer Internral schelashias Employment training and hringpporanties for teens Internal etar pregrans FOUR years since the baginning of the financial and economic HOLIDAY aisk, hungur remains a concern for many families in the United States. Jobs are scarce, wages are low, and food insecurity is high. In 2012 an effort to demonstrate our sincere appreciation for the communities we serve, VILLA partnered with athletes and In 2012 We: Ga away 1000 turkaya to familas inneed acrou the country (, Civn Chkage Datut, Aunitu% Colected 800+new toya to beneft famibes at Chriatm (Camdee, Ceatnd Chicaga, Deot ledaphia celebrities, radio stations and community organizations to make a difference during the holiday season. Rudugk, Padphi

Community Engagement

shared by shawnhileman on Apr 29
An infographic to show how Sneakervilla has supported the community throughout the year of 2012.


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