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Is Common Core Really the Answer?

IS COMMON CORE REALLY THE ANSWER? * Common Core is a new controversial education standard for K-12 "Voluntarily" implemented in all but 5 states. Teaching Common Core qualifies states for the $4.35 billion federal race to the top program. The New Math standards, in particular, have caught flack from parents and press: 7 + 7 10 • 4 = %3D "Complicating simple 7+7 with something called 'number bonds." 134 hundreds tens ones "Forcing students to make visual representations." 134-52 = 82 -52 82 8 Louis C.K. O @louisck My kids used to love math. Now it makes them crv. Thanks standardized testing and common Why does Uncle Sam want our children to cry? core! 2.00 PM - 28 Apr 2014 8,233 RETWEETS 10,191 FAVORITES THE U.S. WANTS TO REMAIN INNOVATIVE COMPARED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD Thus, America needs to produce more STEM workers: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS MASTERY OF THESE SUBJECTS IS CRUCIAL TO INNOVATION understand complex problems pick them apart rethink them build solutions In ways no one has ever done it before Yet, today's U.S. ratings in the STEM world are: YIKES, Common Core needs to guide teaching methods to be more "rigorous" and "aligned with college and work expectations". 5" in overall global competitiveness (and declining) 27th among developed nations in undergraduate degrees in science or engineering 52na in the quality of mathematics and science education understand problem solving 1010101001010101101010101011 DECODING THE NEW MATH CHANGES 0001010101010101010101010101 simplify before solving approach from multiple directions 01010101 1001 10101010 New focus is understanding, not memorization: 3X4 IS NOT SIMPLY "12" ANYMORE 3x4= WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY AND HOW YOU MANAGED TO GET 11 The process is graded as well as the answer The answer is only the last of many equally important steps to understanding real world applications for math. Every student has a different optimal learning style So why should a math formula be taught in only one way? 62 *26 60-2 20-6 III -80 6 tens 2 ones 2 tens 6 ones 8 tens 8 ones =88 ******** =8 88 80-8 = 88 =88 20 20 40 60 80 100 Which is easier to solve mentally? 198 + 257 or 200 + 255 REMOVE 2 ADD 2 Adults often use new math simplification processes without realizing it Do you scribble this? 3 2 5.95 x4 23.80 LUNCH SPECIAL At $6 per person for minus a nickel each $5.95 or do you think this? =$24 = $23.80 with 4 people eating, what's the bill? Subtraction using cashier's math Do you scribble this? 1 9 9 ITEM COSTS $17.68 $2 makes it sE$20 $20.00 - $17.68 $ 2.32 +32 cents = $18 $17.68 or do you think this? $2 • 32cents = $2.32 and the customer paid with a $20, what's your change? Thank you for shopping here, HAVE A NICE DAY! New Math looks different than when we grew up... but the good news is that your kids are going to grow up to solve all your problems. NO. Presented by: Sources: DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Is Common Core Really the Answer?

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This infographic provides a deeper look into common core and if it's really the answer.




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