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The Colleges of New York State

COLLECES OF NEW YORK STATE HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT NEW YORK'S MANY COLLEGES? ERS SIT UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY UNIVERSITY A ON AT BUFFALO Amherst, NY 184 Albany, NY Type of college: Public, State University of New York, co-ed, research university. Its School of Architecture Type of college: Public, State University of New York, co-ed. Until becoming a SUNY school, it was a teachers' college. Now it has schools for: and Planning is the only combined architecture and THE COLLEGE OF SAINT ROSE O Engineering urban planning school in the SUNY system. One can get his/her bachelor's and master's degrees at the school and specialize in things like: Albany, NY Arts Type of college: Private, co-ed. Known for its Schools of: Sciences Criminal justice I Communication Environmental design Business Average cost per year: Historic preservation In-State: R Education A Urban planning 9000009000 s90000000® $22,586 Average cost per year: Average cost per year: In-State: Out-of-State: $42,169 9000000000 s999000000 $25,718 90660 $35,706 Number of full-time students* Number of full-time students *Undergraduates listed for undergraduate colleges - otherwise the whole student body Out-of-State: $40,789 12,951 2,931 Number of full-time students Jimmy Fallon attended The NEW YORK STATE UAlbany houses a contemporary art museum and the Stat Lhriversity of New ork New York State Writers 19,831 College of Saint Rose in the 1990s. INSTITUTE Writers Institute. By enrollment, the largest member of the SUNY system and the largest public university in the northeastern U.S. Considered an extremely active research university. NY STATE Saratoga Springs Johnstown Troy 14 15 20 Schenectady 16 17 18 Amherst Syracuse 10 Buffalo 19 21 Binghamton Albany 56 5 DAEMEN COLLEG COLLEGE BINGHAMTON | UNIVERSITY AEMEN TAMER NEW YOR Amherst, NY Binghamton, NY Type of college: Private, co-ed. Specializes in: Type of college: Public, State University of New York, co-ed, research university. The Binghamton School of Management is known as one of the nation's best business schools. Business SUNY BROOME A Healthcare BROOME Binghamton, NY Education Daemen College integrates "service learning" into its core curriculum. Type of college: Public, community college, State University of New York. As a two-year college, it presents an affordable option for transferring into nearby Binghamton University. Many of its programs are geared to help students transfer to the Average cost per year: In-State: 9000006000 Average cost per year: $22,801 Out-of-State: $39,795 $35,921 Number of full-time students Number of full-time students 2,054 13,412 university of their choice. Began as "Rosary Hill College" for women and accepted its first male student in 1968. Average cost per year: The university system includes six colleges and is known as a "Public Ivy." In-State: 9000 $4,224 Out-of-State: 00000000 $8.448 CANISIUS COLLEGE S CO Number of full- 5,606 BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE Buffalo, NY Type of college: Private, Jesuit Catholic, co-ed. Canisius' website emphasizes its alumni abilities in: SUNY Broome went through several name changes, and for much of its existence, it was known as a technical college. Buffalo, NY Type of college: Originally a teachers' college, it currently has 11 postbaccalaureate teacher certification programs. AL Law FM FULTON- MONTGOMERY COMMUNITY COLLEGE VO Medicine Average cost per year: In-State: $6,470 000000 Out-of-State: 9000090000 $16.320 Accounting Johnstown, NY Average cost per year: Type of college: Public, State University of New York, co-ed, two-year. The college has more than 100 transfer agreements with other schools as well as honors programs and online classes. Number of full-time students $34,690 9,316 Number of full-time students **..... Buffalo State is the recipient of more grants and research support than all other SUNY schools combined. 3,084 This school founded by German Jesuits and named for St. Peter Canisius, a patron of the Catholic Average cost per year: In-State: 11 000 $3,900 press. UNION COLLEGE Out-of-State: 0000000 $7,800 10 Schenectady, NY VT, MA, NJ Residents: 0000 $4,900 SCHENECTADY COUNTY Type of college: Private, co-ed. The most popular majors include: Number of full-time students COMMUNITY COLLEGE (SCCC) COLLEGE 2,800 Schenectady, NY FMCC has its own TV studio and a history of local civic engagement. Social sciences Type of college: Public, State University of New York, co-ed, career degrees, two-year. Renowned for its culinary arts department and recently ) founded, ever-expanding School of Music. O Psychology O Engineering Biology 12 SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY UNIVERST History EXCUSE Average cost per year: UNDER Syracuse, NY Average cost per year: In-State: Type of college: Private, co-ed, research university. Its Bachelor of Architecture degree was ranked second in the U.S. in 2010. The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications is one of the country's best. $3,528 $7,056 000 Out-of-State: $62,274 Number of full-time students Number of full-time students 2,729 2,149 In 1795, Union was the first institution of higher learning established by the state Board of Regents. SUNY Fredonia's advanced music programs have a special relationship with SCCC's School of Music, and can grant conditional guarantees of transfer to graduates. Average cost per year: $63,132 RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE (RPI) Number of full-time students N CO Troy, NY , LE ΜΟΥNE COLLEGE 15,097 Type of college: Private, co-ed, research university, technically focused. Syracuse, NY Type of college: Private, co-ed, Jesuit. Its student-to-teacher ratio is 13:1, and the average class size is only 22. Le Moyne also offers part-time degree options. Extremely well-esteemed for its engineering and science programs, it also offers ROTC, pre-health, and pre-law courses. SU maintains eight international study abroad centers, in Beijing, Istanbul, Florence, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Strasbourg, and Santiago. Average cost per year: 15 Average cost per year: 9000009900 RUSSELL SAGE COLLEGE $44,790 $66,172 Troy, NY Type of college: Private, women only. The school ranks highly in U.S. News and World Report for occupational therapy and physical therapy programs. Other popular majors include nursing and theater. Number of full-time students Number of full-time students 2,871 5,557 ............. The only comprehensive Catholic college in central New York State, its facilities were designed with environmental sustainability in mind. RPL is known as the oldest technological university in the entire English-speaking world. 17 ALBANY COLLEGE OF IAMAI PHARMACY AND HEALTH SCIENCES Average cost per year: 16 ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE TAS CO $41,290 EST. I Number of full-time students Albany, NY Albany, NY 800 Type of college: Private medical college, research university. V. AMC counts two Nobel Prize, two Lasker Award, and two MacArthur Fellowship winners among its faculty, researchers, and alumni. Type of college: Private pharmaceutical college, research university. The school offers bachelor's There are a few different "Sage Colleges," but Russell Sage refers to the women's school. programs in: S Biomedical technology Chemistry 18 DDOIO ALBANY LAW SCHOOL Clinical lab sciences Average cost per year: Health and human sciences Albany, NY O Microbiology Type of college: Private, ABA-accredited law school. $54,272 Pharmaceutical Sciences Number of full-time students AtA Albany Law School works closely with the state Capitol and the New York State Court of Appeals, opening up practical and respectable education opportunities. 566 Average cost per year: Founded in 1939, it's one of the oldest medical schools in the nation. The school is included in Albany Medical Center, with direct access to Albany Medical Center Hospital. $43,371 Number of full-time students 1,700 Average cost per year: This school was ranked 58th-best pharmacy school in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report in 2015. 19 $59,728 MARIA MARIA COLLEGE Number of full-time students COLLEGE 591 Albany, NY 20 HUDSON Hudson VALLEY Valley Community College Type of college: Private, Catholic college. Maria is a great school for teachers. It also specializes in nursing and physical and occupational therapy Albany Law is the oldest independent law school in the country, founded in 1851. In 2014, it opened discussions to become affiliated with the nearby University at Albany to extend its services. COMMUNITY COLLEGE (HVCC) Troy, NY Type of college: Public, State University of New York, two-year. HVCC has partnerships with SUNY Plattsburgh for a four-year degree in criminal justice and Cazenovia College for a B.S. in human services. programs. Average cost per year: 9990000000 $13,340 21 SIENA COLLEGE Number of full-time students 1,100 Loundonville, NY Originally founded by the Religious Sisters of Mercy A to train teachers of the order, it opened to the public in 1964. Average cost per year: In-State: 9000000000 Type of college: Private, Franciscan Catholic college. Popular majors include: $11,588 Out-of-State: A Accounting 0066 $22,404 Biology Number of full-time students 22 Marketing and management O Psychology SKIDMORE COLLEGE 12,205 Finance .**........ Saratoga Springs, NY HVCC is a tobacco-free campus of 2013, and Average cost per year: Type of college: Private, co-ed, liberal arts college. Popular majors include: tobacco use is forbidden on all college grounds and college-owned properties. HVCC began as a center for vocational training for returning WWIIl veterans. $51,251 Management and business Number of full-time students O Psychology 3,214 Government Named for Saint Bernardino of Sources: Siena, Siena College houses the Saint Bernardine of Siena Friary of Franciscan monks on wM Economics ||| || ||| | || || || |||| | | | Environmental Studies campus. Many of the brothers are faculty and administrators. Average cost per year: $62,642 *If a college has any undergraduate students at all, only undergraduate numbers are listed. If a Number of full-time students 2,400 college is a graduate school, then the number indicates the full student body. 60% of Skidmore students participate in a college-funded internship over one of their summer breaks, and 70% participate in a service-learning course. This is reflective of Skidmore's proud history as a practical and vocational school. Originally a women's college, Skidmore began admitting men in 1971. 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The Colleges of New York State

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A visual tour of the colleges of New York State. While there are many more colleges in the state than are listed here, this guide will give you a good idea of some of the best NYS has to offer.


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