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Colleges in America

College in America School should be fun right? Well,for the 21st century college student, many studies point out they are having a lot of fun and probably paying a hell of a lot more than you did years ago. A hundred grand for an ivy league-caliber winemaking degree? It may turn you off but sure enough there are plenty of kids walking down the aisle with one of those in hand. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to America's colleges. Here is a collection of data that points out the truly interesting facets of what we call the American collegiate experience. Every year, more than 2 million high school graduates enroll into college 1 out of 3 drop out after the first year Collectively wasting $9 billion every year The most expensive college after room and board is Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York It costs approximately $149 per day, $54,410 per year or $217,640 for a four year degree here NEW YORK Or you could purchase a brand new Ferrari F430 Public vs Private Private Ivy League: Yale In-state Public: University of Connecticut Tuition, room and board per year Median starting salary $47,500 $56,000 $20,000 $49,600 Based on the difference in starting salary, it'd take 17 years to make up for the difference in tuition for 4 years 1 out of 5 students fail to properly balance a checkbook ? ?? 1 out of 2 students fail to correctly analyze prose like news editorials The average college freshman spends over 10 hours a week partying... .and a mere 8 hours a week studying Likewise they spend over 9 hours a day engaged with media and technology including games, cell phones, watching TV and using social networks like Facebook 57% of students require 6 years or more to finish their degree Not only are students spending more time than ever in college, they are able to attend classes like: Art of Walking (Centre College) • Maple Syrup (Alfred U) • Arguing With Judge Judy (U.C. Berkeley) Mr Butter worths Zorlatnal Syr and major in: • Bowling Industry Management (Vincennes U) Sports Ministry (Belhaven College) • Winemaking (Cornell) Canadian Studies (SUNY Plattsburgh) 2/3 of all students graduate with debt Average debt is $23,200 (20% more than a decade ago) Average student credit card debt is $3173 44% graduates delay in buying a house from debt 28% graduates delay in having children from debt 39% graduates say it will take them at least 10 years to pay off debt %24 Students spend more than $5.5 billion a year on alcohol 1700 die from alcohol related injuries including falling out of a window Despite the increasing financial burdens of attending college 4 of the 10 most popular majors include: Social Sciences (ex. History and Political Science), Psychology, Communications, and English Popular careers of these majors include: Retail Store Manager ARBU CKS Customer Service Representative Administrative Assistant COFFEE Groups that possess a bachelor's or higher: Asian 1 out of 2 White 1 out of 3 Black 1 out of 6 Hispanic 1 out of 9 1111044444 6 out of 10 bachelor's degrees are earned by a female Median salary for a male with a bachelor's degree - $50,916 Median salary for a female with a bachelor's degree - $41,000 Sources: 667493.htm and_health/faqs.htm N.htm

Colleges in America

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School should be fun right? Well, for the 21st century college student, many studies point out they are having a lot of fun and probably paying a hell of a lot more than you did years ago. A hundred g...


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