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The College Try

THE COLLEGE TRY HOW TO PICK Picking a college is never an easy decision. For most students, the choice is not simply a matter of where to spend the next four years, but more importantly, the institution their names will be attached to for a lifetime. With so much at stake-degree programs, career placement, alumni networks-it pays to look at the big picture instead of deciding impulsively. THE RIGHT SCHOOL WHICH COLLEGE SHOULD YOU ATTEND? START YESS Do you know what you want to study in college? PINO Do you want to stay close to home? Is it important to go to YES S school where your friends will be attending? Are many of them attending the same college? Consider nearby schools first. If the school is close enough, you can PINO even save money on room and board by commuting to campus. YESS Does this school offer a quality program for your studies? YESS Do you want to live in a big city? Consider this school. Even if it isn't close to home, the familiar friendships will ease you into Consider colleges in the locations that best complement your lifestyle. Whether keeping your friends close by or ensuring a robust Greek life, understanding your requirements for the surrounding environment will allow you pick the school with the best programs of study in that location. your new environment. ΣΦ KA ДФЕ Consider schools with several fraternities/sororities You might not get into your first pick, so make sure you've got options! YESS Is Greek life important to you? Do you have a specific fraternity or sorority in mind with multiple chapters around the country? НОМЕ VISITOR 89 870 YES S YES Is your record good enough to Are you an athlete who aims to play in college? Consider the colleges that offered you the most lucrative scholarship packages. Not only will this reduce your tuition burden, but it will motivate you to work hard on and off the field to maintain the financial perk. attract any sports scholarships? YES S Do you want to finish college quickly? Are you set on earning a bachelor's degree right away? Associate's NO Consider a two-year college at first to get your basic credits out of the way. As your earn your associate's degree, you'll get a taste of many new subjects. You can always continue your bachelor's later if you are drawn to a particular field. YES Do you want to attend Consider attending a state state school. These colleges provide large, diverse social and educational options for a tuition that is typically lower than private universities. Before long, you'll find where you belong both socially and academically. a party school? OTHER QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF: >$< HERO U ....• ....●..●● 20 Do you plan to attend graduate school? Does your employer offer Do small class sizes Will you participate in tuition reimbursement? matter to you? extracurricular activities? Top grad schools prefer applicants from top undergrad programs. This could pave the way to attend more expensive schools than you could Some schools are better known It's easy to feel lost in a big room. Ask admissions officers about class size at each for certain programs, such as football, baseball, debate, etc. afford alone. school you consider. No tool can completely decide which school you should attend, but considering the big picture will help you make the smartest choice. SOURCES: COLLEGEBOARD.COM THE PRINCETON REVIEW Course Hero Learn. Share. Teach. Achieve. YES YES YESS ON ON e PINO ON e ON e ON

The College Try

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Picking a college is never an easy decision. For most students, the choice is not simply a matter of where to spend the next four years, but more importantly, the institution their names will be attac...


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