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College Mascot Showdown

COLLEGE MASCOT SHOWDOWN Mascots have been around for centuries, used to represent a group with a common public identity. Ranging anywhere from animals, objects, people, plants and symbolic imagery, to even the most strange and abstract things, the mascot is an identifier for luck, strength and unity. College mascots are featured heavily in school identity and spirit, with many mascots becoming globally recognized through media and merchandising. Here we take a look at the most loved, most popular, most iconic, and the most strange: MOST LOVED MASCOTS The best college mascots, according to MASCOTS GENERAL INFORMATION II UNIVERSITY OTHER DETAILS THE UNIVERSITY Fun Fact: WISCONSIN Bucky does pushups to What it is: MADISON match the score after each Anthropomorphic Badger touchdown. In 2010 Bucky did 83 consecutive pushups when they beat Indiana 83-20. University of Wisconsin-Madison 10 Date first seen: 1949 Bucky Badger (Badgers) Fun Fact: The original leprechaun mascot illustration was first designed by sports artist Theodore W. Drake in 1964 for $50. UNIVERSITY OF O NOTRE DAME What it is: Leprechaun University of Notre Dame (Fighting Irish) 10 Date first seen: 1965 The Notre Dame Leprechaun Fun Fact: One of the most beloved What it is: English Bulldog The University of Georgia and well-known mascots in University of Georgia (Bulldogs) college football, Uga has his own "Damn good dog!" cheer. 10 Date first seen: 1956 Uga Fun Fact: Hairy Dawg, who has his own Facebook page and Twitter account, has appeared in 3 different EPSN commercials. What it is: Anthropomorphic Bulldog 10 Date first seen: 1981 Hairy Dawg Fun Fact: Before every game the 1,300-pound buffalo runs around the field. Ralphie is a female. What it is: Buffalo BUFFS 10 Date first seen: 1934 University of Colorado (Buffaloes) Ralphie THE UNIVERSITY OF Fun Fact: What it is: Longhorn Steer TEXAS The shape of the head and horns influenced the school's "Hook 'em Horns" 10 Date first seen: 1916 symbol and saying. University of Texas (Longhorns) Bevo Fun Fact: Fans picked which dog they wanted as a mascot by cheering loudest for the one they HEUNIVERSITY of TENNESSEEUT What it is: Bluetick Coonhound University of Tennessee (The Volunteers) 10 Date first seen: 1953 liked the best. Smokey Fun Fact: The Duck is based on Donald Duck through a special license with Disney. He is know for his pushups after an Oregon score. What it is: Anthropomorphic Duck OREGON 10 Date first seen: 1940 University of Oregon (Ducks) The Duck Fun Fact: What it is: A Conestoga Wagon pulled by two Shetland Ponies The "Sooner Schooner Mooner" became a national incident when a University of Oklahoma (Sooners) spill caused the Queen to fall off and display a lack of underwear. 10 Date first seen: 1964 Sooner Schooner STATEU Fun Fact: Before every home game, Chief Osceola rides into the stadium on a horse, Renegade, and plants a flaming spear at midfield. What it is: Indian Chief on an Appaloosa 10 Date first seen: 1978 Chief Osceola & Renegade Florida State University (Seminoles) Fun Fact: What it is: White Horse The horse is ridden by a Trojan warrior, and University of Southern California (Trojans) appears at all USC home games. 10 Date first seen: 1961 Traveler Fun Fact: It is tradition for Spartan MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY What it is: Spartan Warrior fans and alumni to have a Michigan State University (Spartans) picture taken with the Spartan statue to mark major life events. 10 Date first seen: 1989 llals Sparty Fun Fact: What it is: An ibis is a bird known for its ability to survive hurricanes. The mascot was named after the San Anthropomorphic American White Ibis University of Miami (Hurricanes) 10 Date first seen: 1957 Sebastian building. Sebastian the Ibis Fun Fact: Mike the (live) Tiger is kept where the visiting players have to pass by him on the way to the What it is: Bengal Tiger LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Louisiana State University (Fighting Tigers and Lady Tigers) 10 Date first seen: 1936 field. Mike the Tiger Fun Fact: He has appeared in ESPN This Is Sportscenter ads eating lunch and performing aerobics with Richard Simmons. What it is: Anthropomorphic Ohio Buckeye Nut head 10 Date first seen: 1965 DILTIS Ohio State University (Buckeyes) Brutus the Buckeye Fun Fact: What it is: According to legend, the Anthropomorphic Elephant mascot dates back to 1930 when a fan cried "The 10 Date first seen: 1979 elephants are coming!" University of Alabama (Crimson Tide) Big Al The most popular college mascots are animals, chosen for their characteristics of courage, valor, tenacity, and strength. MOST POPULAR MASCOTS Eagles (61 Institutions) Tigers (46 Institutions) Bulldogs (39 Institutions) Cougars (32 Institutions) Wildcats (32 Institutions) Panthers Pioneers Lions Warriors Knights (26 Institutions) (31 Institutions) (31 Institutions) (30 Institutions) (30 Institutions) UNCOMMON MASCOTS Some of the more unique mascots include: Bees Lightning Bolt (Goldy-Beacom College) (Georgia Institute of Technology) Horned Frogs (Texas Christian University) Hilltoppers (Western Kentucky Hilltoppers) Stumpies (SUNY College of Environmental Science) Best Colleges Online Sources:,, Information Provided By: UNIVER

College Mascot Showdown

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Mascots have been around for centuries, used to represent a group with a common public identity. Ranging anywhere from animals, objects, people, plants and symbolic imagery, to even the most strange ...


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