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College Explorer Infographic

re:fuel agency They're fun, they're powerful, and they're living the future today! college explorer 14 Powered by Crux Research To reach today's college students, you must be where they are. Now in its 14th year, the 2014 re:fuel agency College ExplorerTM powered by Crux Research can take you there. This is the only comprehensive study of college students that is conducted among all types of students in the key 18-24 and 25-34 year old age groups. Full Report: Cheddar: Noun. Millennial speak for money, riches and wealth. COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE 21.6 MILLION STRONG Total Spending by Collegians is $545 BILLION Students Spend Billions Across Several Categories Food $50B S Automotive $31.6B $382B $163B Clothing and shoes $18.6B O Cell phone/smartphone $14B Total non- discretionary spending Total discretionary E Entertainment $9.8B student spending Technorati: Noun. People who are highly knowledgeable about technology, especially digital technology. COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE OBSESSED WITH TECH THEY OWN NEARLY 7 DEVICES Co-eds Spend a Full Time Schedule with their Devices Hours spent using each device per week In the Next Year, Students Expect to Buy: 2015 9.8 Handheld gaming device 5.7 eReader 6.4 Tablet computer 38.1 Computer 35% 27% 27% 19% 12.8 Video game console 29.3 Cell phone/ smartphone 125.4 hrs total 23.3 TV Smartphone Laptop Video TV Games Media Junkie: Noun: One who consumes media through a variety of channels consistently throughout their day. Advertising Gets Through to College Students Types of Ads that Capture Students' Attention Most Percent who indicated they paid attention Humorous 1 Creatively unique 2 Relevant or meaningful 3 Provide information 4 Promote new product 5 77% 72% 68% 64% 62% 62% Television Samples Posters/ Contests Radio Ads College Newspaper Ads Billboards Ads Students find many categories of ads appealing On Campus Events and Promotions Motivate Purchase top 5 types: Attended Campus Event Sponsored by a Brand 47% Video games Upcoming movies Tech products New products & service Cars & trucks Went on to Purchase Received the Brand product Upcoming movies Health & beauty sample Fashion Video games Tech products Went on to Purchase the Brand. This Research re;fuel was Conducted by re:fuel agency and college explorer 14 Crux Research Explore the findings:

College Explorer Infographic

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To reach today’s college students you must be where they are. Now in its 14th year, the 2014 re:fuel agency College Explorer powered by Crux Research can take you there. Explore our infographic and ...


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