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College and University Admission for 2016 - Infographics

You've been dreaming of going away to a top college since you started high school, but is your GPA alone enough to get you there? Find out how to increase your chances of acceptance and find out if the school you've been dreaming of really is the right one for you. GETTING INTO THE COLLEGE OF YOUR DREAMS CHOOSING YOUR DREAM COLLEGE START Research is key when choosing your dream school. Choose wisely, and plck the school of your dreams, not someone else's dreams. Do your best but don't overwork yourself to get into a school you know you can't afford. Structure your schedule to play to your strengths. Know your school - research its values, the classes and courses it offers, and the score expectations you will need to meet. Decide to take challenging high school classes related to your future college major rather than an easy subject just to get a higher grade BUILDING YOUR SCHEDULE Spend your Get involved in your local community by volunteering. summer Selecting the right subjects and extra-curricular activities is important for working toward your career path. While your choices are not set in stone for the rest of your ife, it is important to builda path that shows both clear direction and a well-rounded and hard-working attitude. doing an internship or unpaid work experience to start building your resume. Build your schedule based on your academic performance as well as your personal goals and values. 123 Do at least 2 years of a foreign language. Do all 4 years of English, plus as much math Consider gaining external Stay committed to your clubs and activities and work Choose a creative subject such as art, music or drama to demonstrate professional credentials such as a first aid as you can course or diversity. your way up to a becoming a certified CLUB leadership role. lifeguard. JOIN Join clubs that will contribute to your chosen career path, in both skill bumendation Starting your own club shows leadership and initiative. Take at least one AP class in 3 of these areas: Math, English, Science. History, Languages. Get to know key individuals INCREASE YOUR ODDS at the YOUR SCHOOLS college you choose, and introduce Improve your chances by knowing your schools, and prepare your backup choices with as much effort as your dream choices. Impress your interviewer and remember that taking the time to get to know the people involved in your application process, as well as the college you are applying for, can go a long way. Choose 3 dream schools that you would love to go to and that suit your career goals. yourself. Choose 2 safety schools that you would be happy at and could get a good scholarship. Choose 1 state school that is affordable and close to home. Be specific in detailing your goals and interests If you've overcome hardship or struggle in your life, highlight this in your application and detail how you overcame it. rather than writing about a general love of subject. THE TOP TEN THINGS THAT COLLEGES LOOK FOR IN YOU A Great Get recommendations from your chosen school's alumni as well as GPA & Class Rank Explain yourself it you've done poorly on your ACT and SAT tests, but have a high GPA Essay & Interview your AP class teachers. Involvement AInitiative Awards & Achievements Standardized Test Scores Challenging Subjects Be unique and be yourself, don't just write on Extracurricular Activities Recommendations & Special Talents Find out about what you think they want to hear scholarships and apply if you excel in a field that offers one. Community Activity & Strong Character & Great Experience Personality Work Take practice tests, prep courses, and join study groups. Finish on the best note you can. Try not to stress out and take some time to enjoy your last days of high school with your friends. WORK HARD BUT ENJOY THE MOMENT Your high school years are almost over so keep up a high standard of work, but take time to enjoy them while they last. Good luck! Start studying early - don't leave it to the last minute! Find some part-time work that will benefit your career choice, such as an internship or assistant position. Have some fun and take short breaks. Stay positive and remember that however things turn out, life does not end after high school. It begins. END I BALAK Get Your College Admission in Bangalore SOLUTIO STEP 3 - The application process STEP 2 - Taking classes and joining clubs STEP 1 - Researching and planning STEP 4 - Getting ready

College and University Admission for 2016 - Infographics

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