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The Collapse of Public Education In America

The Collapse of PUBLIC EDUCATION IN AMERICA OVERVIEW FACTS On a national level, many believe the public education system in this country is failing or in crisis. But, contrary to general perception, local communities hold their neighborhood schools in high regard. The crisis in American public 50'S schools goes back to the past half-century. New austerity budgets passed by state legislatures have direct influence on children's education and some believe that a crisis in our nation's development is impending. Americans believe they're in danger because their scores are middling and other nations have better scores. WHERE BUDGET CUTS HURT MOST Budget cuts directly affect students' academic and personal development. Early Childhood Education Specialized programs, extra-curriculars & sports Class Size Curriculum Cuts in early childhood education deprive children whose parents work long hours and cannot afford day care. Budget cuts mean fewer teaching positions and a larger student-to-teacher ratio. Budget austerity measures will exacerbate the existing trend of schools marginalizing Children with developmental, physical or behavioral issues are left with no support. Also many schools are eliminating after-school care, special interest clubs and sports. the liberal arts. Charter schools are enjoying rapid growth due to cuts on popular services offered by public schools. New policies are forcing public school systems .... Private and religious schools $1 billion is being redirected to the private sector through voucher and tax credit programs. to transfer tax dollars to various privately held concerns. Contractors and companies are paid to help implement new federal and state policy mandates in public schools. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE EDUCATION PUBLIC SCHOOL PRIVATE SCHOOL Many public schools are doing outstanding work; they have a large pool of students and they may better prepare kids for the real world. Private schools offer a closer contact between the teachers and students. Also kids are more likely to be surrounded by others with the same level of interest in learning. May better prepare kids for real world Better facilities Lower student to teacher ratio Free admission Happier staff members Less expensive More resources More diversity Science lab зсноOL SCHOOL STATE BUDGET CUTS IN THE NEW FISCAL YEAR New state budget cuts are having negative effects especially on K-12 where they will reduce personnel and programs vital to lower-income and minority students. Funding cuts effects FUND CUTS PER STUDENT Reduced Fewer specialized programs for low-income families pre-school programs Increased class size Reduced teacher salaries How bad is the situation? $200 $300 $400 $500 $500+ Florida has cut $13 million from the state's readiness program that gives low-income families access to high quality early care for their children. New Mexico suffers cuts in school libraries and guidance counseling. In Mississippi 2,060 school employees were laid off over the past three years. Oklahoma has voted In Texas 100,000 mostly at-risk children are left with no funding for pre-K to eliminate adult education programs, math labs in middle school, and stipends for certified teachers. programs. GRADUATION RATES Go on to a 4-year college Private school 96% 56% Graduated Go on to a 4-year college Public school 73% 44% Graduated THE IMPORTANCE OF A GREAT EDUCATION The more a student learns, the better he will be paid later A complete education is essential to the student's personal development and gives him access to better job opportunities and standard of living later on in life. DEGREE How much women earn How much men earn TI|||||||||||||||||||||||||| | || || Less than $19,000 $23,000 high school $25,000 High school $32,900 $29.300 Some college $39,000 Associate's degree $31,000 $42,000 Bachelor's degree $40,100 $51,000 Master's $54,000 $70,000 degree AVERAGE SALARY BY DEGREE Master's degree $60,000 $50,000 Bachelor's degree $40,000 Some college $30,000 No high school $20,000 $10,000 $0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 SOURCES: Starving America's Public Schools Report I I Information provided by: 10oyɔs ybIH

The Collapse of Public Education In America

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Education funding cuts to many public school across US have been widespread this year. Here’s an infographic that sums it all up based on a report on how budget cuts are hurting our nation’s students.


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