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Classroom Technology: Turing Our Kids Into Nerds

CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY Turning Our Kids Into Nerds Pink Eraser HOW WE SEE TECHNOLOGY 87% of parents say that EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION OF TECHNOLOGY IS IMPORTANT to their child's success 50% label it as EXTREMELY IMPORTANT 64% say that their child's school is DOING A GOOD JOB OF USING TECHNOLOGY to enhance student achievement 0% 50% 100% TEACHERS Percentage of AP and NWP educators who say the Internet has a major impact on teachers' ability: 92% 69% 67% 57% access content, share ideas with interact with interact with resources, and materials other teachers parents students 62% 68% say their schools provide formal training in this feel their school does a "good job" supporting teachers' efforts to bring digital tools into the learning process area BYOT: BRING YOUR OWN TECHNOLOGY say their district continues to enforce a 50% of school district administrators say their education BUDGETS FOR TECHNOLOGY HAVE DECREASED in the past three years YET 52% “NO PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICE ALLOWED AT SCHOOL" policy for students Major concerns of BYOT Percentage of school principals polled 50% 50% 45% 43% 43% 40% 40% 39% 30% 20% 10% DEVICE THEFT NETWORK SECURITY DIGITAL EQUITY TEACHER TRAINING DISTRACTION INTERNET SAFETY THE CONSEQUENCES OF DEVICE-ORIENTED LEARNING ACCORDING ACCORDING TO TO PARENTS TEACHERS TH Parents in 2011 who agreed with benefit of mobile learning 76% 0% 70% of AP and NWP teachers strongly agree that "search engines have conditioned students to expect to be able to find information quickly and easily" Improves teacher's skills with technology 83% Increases teacher productivity agree that the amount of information available online today is overwhelming for most students Improves home to school communications 71% Personalizes learning agree that "today's digital technologies discourage students from finding and using a wide range of sources for their research" Extends the learning day 60% Increases student engagement agree with the notion that "today's digital technologies make it harder for students to find and use credible sources of information" Access to online text books THE WIDENING DIGITAL DIVIDE AMONG STUDENTS AND- 84% NWP and AP teachers say students of these teachers agree that "Today's digital technologies 54% have GOOD ACCESS TO DIGITAL are LEADING TO GREATER DISPARITIES between TECHNOLOGY at school affluent and disadvantaged schools and school districts." TEACHERS OF HIGH INCOME STUDENTS TEACHERS OF LOW INCOME STUDENTS say their school does a GOOD JOB 70% 50% PROVIDING TEACHERS with the resources and support they need to incorporate digital tools in the classroom 73% RECEIVE FORMAL TRAINING in 60% device usage A 21% say that a LACK OF RESOURCES among students to access digital technologies is a "major challenge" to incorporating more digital tools into their teaching 56% TOPMASTERSINEDUCATION.COM Sources: Prjct-Tmrw_Mbl-Rpt_2012.pdf

Classroom Technology: Turing Our Kids Into Nerds

shared by NowSourcing on Apr 23
This infographic takes a look at how both teachers and parents feel about technology in the classroom.


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