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Civil Litigation Civil Litigation is a process in which the civil matter are resolved in the court. These can be related to situations of tension between people, such as marriage, properties, or even a business.Civil cases are mostly registered by a person versus the government or another person or a business. Difference between Criminal Prosecution and Civil Litigation Criminal Prosecution Civil Litigation • Crime is a public wrong • The defendant is to be held • It is a tort as a private wrong The defendant to be hello accountable to the state accountable to the survivor • It belongs to public law • It belongs to private law • The Standard proof is The standard Proof is beyond reasonable doubt • Penalties include fines, preponderance of evidence • Penalties include financial compensation, restraining orders/ injunctions incarceration and restraining orders. Commencement of Civil Litigation Majority of the civil cases are introduced to the plaintiffs lawyers when a client reports or expresses a dissatisfaction with the behaviour of another person/ people. As the plaintiff describes the situation the lawyer has to confirm if the situation is one that can only be resolved through the intervention of law and thus a civil litigation is route is selected to and the plaintiff has to pay fees of the statute. If the plaintiff is unable to do so the lawyer may file a request for proceed with forma Pauperis. And if granted the fees are waived off. Steps involved in Civil Litigation Trial The main method used to resolve a party's legal claims. Both the parties describe their argument along with witness and evidence to jury or the judge Pre- Trial Proceedingsial To make sure all the parties are prepared to go trial. If there are any alternate means to settle dispute. It is ordered by the court and is felicitated in the courtroom Scheduling Order It is a pretrial order that overlooks the progress of the case towards a trial. Appeal A civil litigation outcome from the trial may not be acceptable and the either of the parties could re-appeal the case in the Court of Appeals Discovery A common law practise wherein the pretrial process each party can legally seek to obtain evidence from other party by interrogation, request of production, admission or depositions. Filing Motion Filing a motion means putting forth a written request to the judge for asking to reconsider or apply a ruling on some issue within the case. Investigation A civil investigation helps cover and gather evidence for the case in a civil trial After both the parties are heard and the evidence is presented, each side gives a closing argument to the judge or jury. The judge explains the law to the jury to help them better decide on the outcome of the case. If the trial is in front of a judge it is termed as a 'bench trial'. The judge will order the penalty to the responsible party and providing relief to the prevailing party in a civil case. GETLEGA L .com VISIT Www.GETLEGAL.COM FOR MORE TIPS.


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Civil litigation is the process of solving civil disputes legally in a civil court of law. In this type of case charging or penalties are not a point of concern, it’s concerned with getting compensa...



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