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Chronic shortage of teachers

Chronic Shortage of Teachers to Persist Beyond 2030 A Bb Ce Dd Ea School enrolment is soaring, but there aren't enough teachers to provide every chikd with a primary or lower secondary education. If nothing changes many countries will still be facing serlous teacher shortages In 2030 at both levels, according to new projections from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. HOW MANY NEW TEACHING POSTS NEED TO BE CREATED TO CLOSE THE GAP? PRIMARY SCHOOL LOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL Population growth and demand for education are More countries are making this level compulsory, but don't have enough teachers. leading to higher primary school enrolment. 3.5 MILLION by 2015 1.6 MILLION by 2015 б66 3.3 MILLION by 2030 5.1 MILLION by 2020 29 countries with chronic shortages still won't have enough primary or lower secondary Changes in hiring and training practices would help solve this. teachers in 2030. WHERE TEACHERS ARE NEEDED MOST, 2015-2030 PRIMARY: LOWER SECONDARY: • 2015 • 2030 2015 O 2030 Now Posts In thousands 3000 Now Posts In thousands 2.541 2500 2500 2,100 2000 2000 1,575 1500 1500 1,040 991 1000 902 1000 583 500 454 500 341 213 130 196 Arab States South and Sub-Saharan Africa Arab States South and Sub-Saharan Africa Wost Acia West Asia In addition to creating 2.1 million new primary teaching posts, by 2030 sub-Saharan Africa must fill about 2.6 million posts vacated by teachers leaving the profession. THE BURDEN OF HIGH ATTRITION RATES: WHAT IS DRIVING DEMAND IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA? POPULATION GROWTH For every 100 primary school-age children today, there will be 143 in 2030. Now 2030 A HIGHER DEMAND FOR EDUCATION The numbers of pupils enrolled in primary and lower secondary education have soared by 66% and 123% respectively since 1999. ATTRITION Countries simply don't have the resources to hire and train enough teachers. In Eritrea, 10 primary teachers leave the profession for every 7 hired. OVERCROWDED CLASSROOMS In Chad there are as many as 63 pupils per primary teacher - many of them overage, and 44 per lower secondary teacher. BUT HIRING MORE TEACHERS IS ONLY PART OF THE SOLUTION. WHAT ABOUT QUALITY? More and better quality training for teachers Better salarles and classroom conditions Tools to assess the quality of education For more data, analysis and policy options to bridge the teachers" ap consult the forthcoming 2013/2014 edition of the EDUCATION FOR ALL GLOBAL MONITORING REPORT UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report ПET INSTITUTE EFA GMR STATISTICS Und Nators Eduona. Saese and Cutura Organestor Source: UNESC0 Institute for Statistics

Chronic shortage of teachers

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At the heart of the educational system, teachers hold the keys to a better future for all. They are a powerful force for peace. By transmitting universal values such as human rights, respect, justice ...



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