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Choosing the Right Degree

CHOOSING THE RIGHT DEGREE WHAT MATTERS MOST WHEN CHOOSING A GRADUATE DEGREE? MONEY? DOING SOMETHING YOU LOVE? THE JOURNEY TO FINDING THE RIGHT MASTER'S DEGREE CAN BE A LONG ONE. WHAT DO YOU WANT? Consider these options when choosing a graduate school: QUALITY OF LIFE RESOURCES DEGREE PROGRAMS COST TIME OFFERED FACULTY ACCREDITATION ON-CAMPUS RANKING OR ONLINE 6Love what you do and do what you love. 99 - Ray Bradbury, author WHAT DO YOU LIKE? Think about the things in your life that excite you. There may well be a master's degree option that allows you to truly do what you love. If you like to. M Resident THE REALISTIC Non-resident PATH DO THINGS WORK WITH BE WORK WITH YOUR REAL-WORLD OUTSIDE SOLO HANDS MATERIALS CONSIDER THESE FIELDS THE INVESTIGATIVE Farmer/rancher, surveyor, forester, mechanical drafter, technician, firefighter, correctional officer, animal control worker, chef, landscaping, carpenter, explosive worker, machine operator, repairer, machinist, agricultural inspector, animal breeder, jeweler, precious-metals worker, pilot PATH If you like to. POSSIBLE DEGREE AVERAGE GRADUATE TUITION OREGON STATE DO AN EXTENSIVE MENTALLY SEARCH FOR $13,188 $21,219 UNIVERSITY AMOUNT OF THINKING FACTS AND FIGURES Master of Forestry CONSIDER THESE FIELDS Coroner, computer and information scientist, engineer, animal scientist, biologist, physicist, chemist, economist, anthropologist, archeologist, geographer, historian, political scientist, astronomer, sociologist, dentist, nutritionist, veterinarian, detective THE ARTISTIC PATH If you like to. AVERAGE POSSIBLE DEGREE GRADUATE TUITION UNIVERSITY OF $5,087 $15,619 COLORADO-DENVER WORK WITH NOT FOLLOW Master of Science EXPRESS FORM, DESIGN A CLEAR SET in Chemistry YOURSELF AND PATTERN OF RULES CONSIDER THESE FIELDS Architect, art director, fine artist, animator, fashion designer, actor, dancer, musician, graphic designer, interior designer, creative writer, film editor, makeup artist, choreographer THE SOCIAL PATH AVERAGE POSSIBLE DEGREE PARSONS THE NEW GRADUATE TUITION If you like to.. SCHOOL FOR DESIGN, $20,855 NEW YORK CITY Master of Fashion Studies WORK WITH, COMMUNICATE AND TEACH PEOPLE HELP OTHERS CONSIDER THESE FIELDS Social worker, probation officer, counselor, health educator, clergy, teacher, nurse, physical therapist, athletic trainer, speech-language pathologist, child care worker AVERAGE POSSIBLE DEGREE THE ENTERPRISING GRADUATE TUITION LOYOLA UNIVERSITY (ILLINOIS) Master of PATH $13,425 Social Work If you like to. START AND CARRY OUT MAKE DEAL TAKE MANY WITH THE CONVENTIONAL RISKS PROJECTS DECISIONS BUSINESS PATH CONSIDER THESE FIELDS If you like to. Chief executive, general manager, legislator, manager, education administrator, funeral director, logisticians, producer, program director, copy writer, head cook, special agent, PR specialist, insurance agent, product promoter, ship captain FOLLOW SET PROCEDURES WORK WITH FOLLOW DATA AND AUTHORITY AND ROUTINES DETAILS CONSIDER THESE FIELDS Treasurer, controller, insurance adjuster, accountant, auditor, financial analyst, loan officer, tax preparer, database administrator, librarian, medical transcriptionist, proofreader, inspector AVERAGE POSSIBLE DEGREE GRADUATE TUITION CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSIT $7,305 Master of Science in Administration AVERAGE POSSIBLE DEGREE GRADUATE TUITION WILLIAM & MARY, WILLIAMSBURG, VA. Master of O $29,610 O $40,010 Accounting KNOW YOUR FINANCIAL AID OPTIONS To be sure, financing a graduate degree can be an expensive proposition. But consider the various types of financial aid available. SCHOLARSHIPS VETERAN'S EDUCATION BENEFITS EMPLOYER-BASED AID TEACHING AND RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIPS GRANTS LOANS IT'S ABOUT GETTING A JOB, RIGHT? Top graduate degrees for pay and career growth through 2020: $97,000 U 30% 22.3% PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT STUDIES COMPUTER SCIENCE $109,000 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING $121,000 Y 17.7% MATHEMATICS $91,000 24.7% х INFORMATION SYSTEMSV $95,500 23.3% PHYSICS $114,000 20.3% OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY $79,200 33% HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION $87,800 22% 21.7% NURSING $85,900 ECONOMICS $115,000 G 14.3% TIME AN ISSUE? CONSIDER ONLINE Top online graduate schools: S) COST TOP PROGRAMS WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY DUKE UNIVERSITY - FUQUA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY DUKE EGIE MELLON THE FUQUA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS PENNSYIVANY NIMAE PE O $509 O $6,381 O $35,520 $453-540 PER CREDIT PER YEAR PER YEAR PER CREDIT HOUR ENGINEERING, BUSINESS, COMPUTER SCIENCE BUSINESS AND MBA, EXECUTIVE LAW, ENGINEERING MBA EDUCATION ARIZONA STATE STANFORD UNIVERSITY COLUMBIA PENN STATE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY ASU PENNSTATE 85: $890 $628 PERCREDIT HOUR O $8,222 PER $463 PER CREDIT HOUR YEAR, IN-STATE PER CREDIT HOUR LAW, ENGINEERING, CLINICAL ENGINEERING, ENGINEERING, PSYCHOLOGY, ENGINEERING, COMPUTER EDUCATION MEDICINE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY GEORGIA TECH CMU Georgia Tech CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY O$477 O $1,100 PER CREDIT HOUR PER CREDIT HOUR PRODUCTION/ BUSINESS, OPERATIONS, SUPPLY EDUCATION CHAIN/LOGISTICS, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, CIVIL ENGINEERING, PHYSICS Sources: - - - - http://www.lucedu - - - %24 UNIVERS *TSAURGH O CHRISTIAN

Choosing the Right Degree

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As the school year starts, many new seniors are beginning to invest their time discovering what they’d like to pursue in college. This can be a difficult, confusing road for many students. www.grad...


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