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Cargiant Reveals the Top Driving Hates

cargiant reveals the giant choice giant savings TOP DRIVING HATES How safe are your fellow drivers? Cargiant investigated what are the UK's top most hated driving habits of other drivers as well as the ones we commit the most. Have a look at our infographic to find out more. Drivers 1 not using indicators 55% (2 Driving while using a phone 52% Tailgating 51% THE REST OF YOUR MOST HATED DRIVING HABITS Throwing rubbish out of Inconsiderate Middle lane 6 drivers on the parking the window motorway 46% 45% 41% 7 Slow drivers 40% 8 Selfish driving 39% 9 Drivers not saying "Thank You" 37% 10 Slow lorries trying to overtake 31% 11 Groups of cyclists 21% 12 Slow caravans 12% DID YOU KNOW? BMW DRIVERS seem to be widely seen as one of the most annoying driver types on the road, based on Cargiant's survey. 5 in 10 less frequent drivers are intimidated by aggressive driving habits such as tailgating TOP BAD DRIVING HABITS Apart from the top hated driving attitudes, research also shows these results for the top committed bad driving habits. Driving 1 while using 25% a phone 2 Drivers not using indicators 21% 3 Tailgating 20% THE REST OF THE MOST COMMITTED DRIVING HABITS Slow EN Middle lane Selfish drivers on the drivers |||| driving IE18% motorway 16% 19% 7 Drivers not saying "Thank You" 13% 8 Throwing rubbish out of the window 9% 9 Inconsiderate parking 8% 10 Groups of cyclists 4% 11 Slow lorries trying to overtake 3% 12 slow caravans 3% DID YOU KNOW? Having kids and starting a family is the reason why people change their driving habits and 6 in 10 make an effort to become more cautious. 13% of drivers admitted to shouting at bad drivers as being one of their driving habits. We can all think of a situation where we have committed at least one of these driving habits, or perhaps ones not listed on this infographic. However, with so many of us clearly committing road offences, it is important that people take extra care to drive safely and with greater respect to other road users. When you're on the road it's not just your safety you need to be responsible for, but others around you too. On a final note, here are some other things we can all try to do less of in our driving: Taking photos Applying makeup Using mobile phones Eating Drinking Road rage cargiant giant choice giant savings

Cargiant Reveals the Top Driving Hates

shared by piyushpankaj on Dec 04
Cargiant conducted a survey asking UK drivers asking , what is their most hated habits of other drivers are. From slow driving to inconsiderate parking, the results showed a number of behaviours we a...


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