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Careers in Mining: Geologist

MSI PRESENTS: GEOLOGIST Infographic Series Part 3: Careers in Mining ge·ol·o•gist noun jē-'ä-le-jist\ :a person who studies the nature, formation, origin and development of the planet Earth, including its raw materials, natural processes and resulting products what do GEOLOGISTS do? Conduct geological exploration of open pit and underground mine ore bodies Create geological development strategies and calculate size of ore reserves Manage grade control, QA/QC programs and oversee the development of geotechnical modelling Work and travel all over the world, often to remote locations Where do geologists work? mine sites laboratories offices Examples of Geological Modelling Software: AUTOCAD MAPTEK Vulcan Arc GIS BS GEOVIA O GEOSOFT. How do you become a Geologist? Se Earn a Bachelor's of Science degree in Geology from an accredited post-secondary institution Get licensed as a Professional Geoscientist in Canada Exploration occurs worlwide, knowing multiple languages can excel your career In 2012, Forbes ranked Geology the 7th most valuable college major Geological Engineers: Help design mines that are integrated into the environment and that withstand natural hazards. Geological engineering also deals with energy, mineral, and water resources and the environmental impacts of resource development. Geotechnical Engineers: Closely aligned with civil engineers, they ensure proper design and construction of mines integrated with the Earth. They apply the science of soil mechanics, rock mechanics and engineering geology to projects. Us Us GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING Over 400 schools across Canada and the USA offer Geology courses, but only 5 Canadian and 19 US schools offer Bachelor's degree programs both in Geological Engineering & Geology Mine Geologists: Use geological knowledge and engineering principles to explore for new mineral resources. Mine geologists work closely with the mining engineers to develop those resources. Here's where they are: UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA LINVERSITY OF UNVERSITY OF BRITISH SASKATCHEWAN COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY OF QUEENS UNIVERSITY WATERLOO UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA UNIVERSITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK MICHGAN TECHNOLOGICA UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA LNIVERSITY OF IDAHO UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOL OF MINES CALVIN COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH DREXEL UNIVERSITY COLORADO * UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MINES OF MISSOUR LNIVERSITY OF UNIVERSITY * OF ARIZONA WISCONSIN * AUBURN UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY * CANADIAN SCHOOL * AMERICAN SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI LNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Your Career Path Geologist in Training Job Outlook 2012-2022: +16% Entry-level $69,000 Mine Geologist S75,000 - $90,000 Senior Mine Geologist $85,000 - S120,000 Chief Mine Geologist S105,000- $160,000 VP/ Director of Exploration $175,000+ Average Years of Average Salaries Experience SUSD HIGHEST PAYING INDUSTRIES Mining and Oil & Gas $137,750 US Federal Government $94,830 Engineering Services $74,360 Management, scientific and technical consulting services $74,020 US State Government $62.030 ŞUSD Median Annual Woges,%202013%20Revisions/GEOLOGY%20&%20 GEOLOGICAL%20ENG.%20FACT%2OSHEET%202012%20-3-20-13-May.pdf 2905-77 KING STREET WEST www.MINESTAFFING.COM TORONTO DOMINION CENTRE OMineStaffing TORONTO, ON M5K1H1 MINE STAFFING +(416)849-2243 INTERNATIONAL +1(416)849-2238 ......................................

Careers in Mining: Geologist

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Part 3: In the latest release, we investigated the role the Geologist plays in the mining industry. We covered what they do, where they work, the career path and the key differences between Geological...


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