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Can Tech Save Education?

Can Apple SAVE EDUCATION? Open any newspaper and the story is the same: the American educational system is tragically failing our youth. Student test scores are dismal and drop out rates are astro- nomical. But many experts believe that the burgeoning field of educational technology provides hope - and with Apple's big announcement this week, they might just be right. (€) U.S. EDUCATION IS IN DEEP TROUBLE K-12 OUT OF 30 DEVELOPED NATIONS AROUND THE WORLD: MANY 8TH GRADERS CANNOT READ AT GRADE LEVEL United States Rankings- Below 8th Grade Standards- MATH SCIENCE 25th 21st O 70% OF STUDENTS 1.2 MILLION HIGH SCHOOLERS DROP OUT EVERY YEAR Drop Outs Per School Day- 1 Student Drops Out Every- 6000 :26 STUDENTS SECONDS O/0 = 1,000 TECH PROVIDES AN ANSWER THROUGH MULTIMEDIA LEARNING, How can tech help education? Studies suggest that introducing technology into the learning environment can have amazing effects on student experiences. INCLUDING DIGITAL PLATFORMS Student Interest and Retention- We haven't yet implemented tech in 25% schools at a national level, but several states have experimented with tech- based approaches - and the results have been extremely positive. INCREASE Maine IN 2001, MAINE PASSED AN INITIATIVE TO ME PROVIDE FREE LAPTOPS TO EVERY 7TH GRADER IN THE STATE By 2010- AN INCREASE IN 8TH GRADERS PASSING MATH EXAMS GREW FROM 50% TO 91% Ohio AN INNER-CITY HIGH SCHOOL IN EUCLID, OHIO GAVE ONE CLASSROOM 24 IPADS AND TESTED OH THE STUDENTS = STUDENTS WITH IPADS = STUDENTS WITHOUT IPADS 100 - 85 - 70 - 55 - 40 - 25- Reading Writing Results Showed- 6% 8% IMPROVEMENT IMPROVEMENT IN READING IN WRITING APPLE - A HISTÓRY OF DISRUPTION Apple has had great success disrupting industries in the past. Cell Phones Music IPHONE CAPTURED A LARGE ITUNES CURRENTLY DOMINATES CHUNK OF THE PROFITS OF TOP ONLINE MUSIC SALES IN THE MOBILE VENDORS LAST YEAR UNITED STATES iPhone in 2011- iTunes in 2011- 56% 70% OF PROFITS OF SALES Tablets THE IPAD WAS THE FIRST MAIN- iPad Users Account For- STREAM TABLET AND IS FAR AND 97% AWAY THE MOST POPULAR OF ALL TABLET WEB TRAFFIC EDUCATION IS NEXT Apple introduces iBooks 2, iBooks Author, & New iTunes U. APPLE ALREADY HAS A FOOTHOLD IN AMERICAN EDUCATION In Educational iTunes U Over Institutions- Educational iPad Apps- the Past 4 Years- 1.5 20K 700 MILLION ALREADY MILLION IPADS AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS iBooks 2 IPAD TEXTBOOKS THROUGH IBOOKS 2 PROVIDES EVERY- THING TRADITIONAL HIGH SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS LACK Functionality- Low Cost- $14.99 HIGHLIGHT WORDS TO SEARCH GLOSSARY IBOOKS 2 HIGH QUIZZES AND REVIEW SCHOOL TEXTBOOK BUILT INTO THE BOOK Publishers On Board- TURN TEXT INTO Mc Graw Hill FLASH CARDS PEARSON AUTOMATICALLY PEARSON MCGRAW-HILL HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT iTunes U iBooks Author EXPANDING AND DIVERSIFYING "GARAGEBAND FOR TEXTBOOKS' New and Improved: Create Your Own: REVAMPED TO INCLUDE MORE IT ALLOWS AUTHORS TO THAN LECTURES CREATE BOOKS WITH EASE FULL, ONLINE COURSES AVAILABLE TOTALLY FREE IN THE APP STORE FOR DOWNLOAD In Conclusion: DUKE, STANFORD, AND YALE HAVE ALREADY CREATED MORE THAN It's clear that Apple's huge announcement spells big changes for the world of educa- tion. Only time will tell if Apple's visionary new projects will be enough to save it. But 100 NEW COURSES NOW AVAILABLE FOR K-12 they're certainly off to a good start. Created By: Sources: Literacy_iPad.pdf _n_923914.html O90 This Work is Licensed Under a Creative Commons License BY NC ND Score on Test

Can Tech Save Education?

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Apple recently announced three new applications that will effectively revolutionize education around the world: iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and a new and updated iTunes U. For America, the world's larges...


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