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Building the Future of Education

Under Construction: Building the Future of Education Long overshadowed in the headlines by sexier sectors like clean energy and mobile gaming, Education is getting far more attention now than ever before from innovators and investors alike. Record numbers of companies are receiving venture funding to improve learning opportunities and outcomes around the world. Here's a closer look at where the money has gone in education over the last decade, and where smart investors are looking next. A Decade in Venture Capital Investment in Education 2002-2012 $2.8B 236 $5.6M TOTAL COMPANIES AVERAGE INVESTED FUNDED ROUND Putting it in context... In 2011, $4.9B invested in biotechnology alone. 2.8B 4.9B The number of VC investments in education in 2012 is on pace to be 5x higher than in 2002 NUMBER OF VC INVESTMENTS IN EDUCATION +30% FROM |114* 120 2011-2012 110 100 89 90 80 4X GREATER 70 FROM 2002- 2011 60 50 40 30 23 20 10 0- 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 *PROJECTED VC investment in education in 2012 is projected to be 4x higher than in 2002 VC INVESTMENT IN EDUCATION $700 +30% FROM 2011-2012 580 M* $600 449 M $500 3X GREATER $400 FROM 2002-2011 $300 $200 150 M $100 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 201O 2011 2012 *PROJECTED Despite increases in funding, education still gets disproportionately less investment than its share of the total economy TOTAL GDP OF THE LAST 1O YEARS 5.5% public spending in education VC INVESTMENT IN THE LAST 10 YEARS 3% investment in education Categories of Investment Educational resources designed to improve student's learning. Content Increasingly moving away from the textbook model to a more multimedia approach (video, audio, interactive content). inkling LEARN! ZILLION BOUNDLESS Founded: 2011 Founded: Founded: Founded: 2005 2009 2012 Total funding to date: Total funding to date: Total funding to date: Total funding to date: $195M $31M $10M $2.4M Mission: Mission: Mission: Mission: Textbook rentals and homework help Building smarter digital textbooks Building textbook replacements with OER Sharing Common Core learning tools Tools and platforms that help students interact with Learning and absorb educational content. Hot trends include: adaptive learning systems and educational games. Coursera Codecademy KNEWTON Founded: Founded: Founded: Founded: 1999 2008 2012 2011 Total funding to date: Total funding to date: Total funding to date: Total funding to date: $153M $54M $16M $13M Mission: Mission: Mission: Mission: America's largest online Powering educational content with adaptive learning Online courses from Teaching the world to code education platform the world's best professors Institutions, organizations and tools designed to assess and validate student learning. As opportunities for self-directed learning grow, validation will become extremely important to document and assess mastery. Validation VNIVE A2tor SL f? THE FULLBRIDGE PROGRAM straighterline critica Founded: Founded: Founded: Founded: 2009 2012 2010 2011 Total funding to date: Total funding to date: Total funding to date: Total funding to date: $94M $17M $12M $6M Mission: Mission: Mission: Mission: Online courses for college credit Prepares college graduates with accelerated Administers and markets Building the first elite online university online degree programs business education Where the Money Has Gone and Where It's Going Next 2002-2011 2012 24.3% VALIDATION 19.3% 14% 36.8% VALIDATION CONTENT CONTENT 56.4% 49.2% LEARNING LEARNING College Learning Professional K-12 Learning Learning 20% 30% 50% Ventures with a K-12 learning component have secured the most funding in the last decade, with college and professional learning sharing the remaining 50%. Bonjour Hello 你好 Software Language Development 46% 400% INCREASE INCREASE 46% 400% 100 146 100 200 300 400 Three educational categories have seen particularly strong growth over the last year-Language Learning, Software Development Training and Music Education. Music 400% 800% 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 800% INCREASE CREATED AND RESEARCHED BY : BOUNDLESS SOURCES: CRUNCHBASE I EDSURGE I GUMROAD I VENTURESOURCEI UNESCO Designed by : Stephane Nikel CC BY: Number of Investments per Year Total Amount Invested, $USD, in Millions //// //// MINERVAL VERSITAS

Building the Future of Education

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Education is finally getting the attention it deserves from investors and innovators alike. Follow the money trail in this infographic to find out where funding is going in the sector. http://www.b...



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