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A Brief History Of Publishing

A BRIEF HISTORY OF PUBLISHING * 3,000 BC - Earliest known books - clay tablets of Mesopotamia and the papyrus rolls of Egypt. 1,300 BC - Chinese begin using books made of wood and bamboo strips. 40,000 BC - Earliest known human cave paintings with origins in Spain. Cave walls formed the first medium for ancient humans. 300 BC - Ancient Library of Alexandria opens. Books flourish in Egypt. 100 BC - Roman scriptoria start selling books, Books become a symbol of distinction. 220 - Earliest known woodblock printed fragments from China. 8 BC - Earliest recorded use of paper as a writing medium used by the Chinese. 1040 - World's first movable type printing technology developed in China. 1456 - The Bible becomes the first book printed on a printing press anywhere in the world. Relation: Aller Eurnem 1450 - Johannes Gutenberg improves movable type printing. men'vnd gedencfwürdigen Hiftorien / fo fich hin vnnd wider in hoch vand Nieder Eeuifchland/ auch in Srandreidy Jaliev eder vnd Engellanty Sipanian/ pungern / Polen / Siebenbirgav QLalladep / Wol/ Turtey/1e Jn diefan 1609. Jahe verlaufn tab jurragan mbdut. 1731 - World's first magazine 'The Gentleman's Magazine' debuts in London. Alles auff dag trcivlichfe wie fch folche befemmen vndzuivegen bringm mag/ in Znud ver fortigen mil. 1790 - Camera is invented by Thomas Wedgewood. 1605 - World's first newspaper 'Relation' debuts in Germany. 1796 - Lithography invented by Aloys Senefelder enabling printing of high quality images. 1847 - The beginning of photojournalism when an unknown photographer snaps a picture during the Mexican-American war. 1886 - Linotype machine is invented which revolutionizes typesetting and reduces labour. 1843 - Steam powered rotary printing press invented which reduces cost and brings print- ing to the masses. 1892 - Four color rotary press invented. 1904 - Offset lithography becomes common. 1922 - Readers Digest debuts. 1899 - National Geographic begins publishing. 1923 - Time magazine arrives. Newsweek Esquure seventeen 1982 - The TCP/IP protocol is standardized and the concept of Internet as a world wide network takes root. 1925-1967 - Magazine space explodes. Brands like Newsweek, Esquire, Seventeen, Rollingstone become house hold names. 1885 - DTP market takes off after the intro- duction of Aldus Pagemaker software and Apple LaserWriter printer. 1983 - Era of desktop publishing begins. 1990 - Most newspapers now use digitized production techniques and layout software. 1985 - DTP market takes off after the introduction of Aldus Pagemaker software and Apple LaserWriter printer. 1995 - Amazon goes online as a bookstore selling physical books. 1993 - IBM invents the world's first smartphone, named Simon 1996 - Jacobson and Comiskey patent E-Ink technology. 1996 - Traditional newspapers begin develop- ing online versions for the web. 1999 - Blogger is founded and self publishing on the internet begins to take off. Google 1998 - Google is founded and it vastly improves information retrieval on the internet. facebook You Tube 2004 - The beginning of Facebook which quickly becomes a hub for social networking and information sharing. 2005 - Youtube goes online and video sharing on the internet becomes mainstream. TETechCrunch Mashable THE HUFFINGTON POST 2006 - Twitter debuts and gives a new meaning to short form publishing while becoming a popular source for breaking news and information outside of traditional media. 2005-2006 - The rise of news & information blogs. Names like TechCrunch, Mashable, HuffingtonPost, Engadget, Lifehacker emerge. 2007 - iPhone launches and mobile phones 2007 - Amazon releases Kindle and soon E-Ink start to become an important medium for e-readers begin to gain traction web consumption. 2008 - Apple launches 'App Store' and apps soon become a new medium for interaction. 2010-2011 - Tablets continue to surge in prominence thus further popularizing ebooks. 2010 - Apple announces iPad, the first com- mercially-profitable tablet computer. 2011 - Amazon reports ebook sales surpass- ing printed books for the first time. INFOGRAPHIC BY: Sources: Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica,

A Brief History Of Publishing

shared by finvy on Oct 03
An infographic showcasing the history of publishing - from ancient cave walls to modern day tablets.




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