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Braindead Country

Braindead Country How Lebanon is losing its academic excellence in education and scientific research. From“Knowledge is power"to "lgnorance is bliss"; Lebanon is witnessing intense regression at the level of academic and scientific research that is making its thinkers flee to the countries that embrace their dexterity. Research DATA IS THE NEW OIL. Countries are investing considerable portions of their GDP to invest in the citizens' brainpower and knowledge to maintain a long-time advancement in their economic sectors. RESEARCH can alter societies by showing the realities they live in, particularly that it encompasses ALL disciplines and profes- sions as well as human conditions. 1+2 Public Vs Private The private and public sectors have been smeared with discrepancy in support, funding, and progress since the'90s. Scientific research and publications can be considered minimal, according to studies. 1738 published papers 322 66 Govenment Centers Lebanese University Public Hospitals Private Research Private Universities Private Hospitals Institutions 9303 published papers. 4522 67 Peer Review* * "Peer reviewed research are those that are judged by peers and published in specialized scientific publications. The reviewers are usually experienced researchers who are recognized for their academic qualifications" 71% of peer-reviewed research comes from 4/19 of research centers Likewise... 87% medical of peer-reviewed research stems from 3 hospitals Number of hospitals 157 private hospitals University esearch 1200 1124 1000 788 800 "2007 2010 600 The growth is limited to: i1 3 universities I/ 2 hospitals The rest reported negative or stagnant growth 400 3173 362 200 34 69 Research Centers Private Research Associations Universities Hospitals Students Number of Students 11807 Students' research papers are Business, Economics, Arts, Humanites shredded from seeing the light 13136 Engineering of day. 61183 IT In fact... 0.9% Business/Economics 0.5% Arts/Humanities* of published research Engineering Information Technology 0.75% 0.9% 14.9% - Environmental Studies** * Private Universities only **Proportionally, that's out of 101 students! There are 37,000 Arts and Humanities students in Lebanese University 0. of their research gets published PRINTING FAILURE? So what IS getting published? Social Sciences 5% Health Sciences 14% Physics 81% 1308 out of 13,455 professors had their work published That's nearly 1 in 10 professors Rankings Across the Arab World, Lebanese universities span in the lower spectrum of the rankings. Out of 118, AUB ranks the highest, while Beirut Arab University trails near to last. LU AUB USJ LAU BU BAU 95th 116th 67th 37th 8th 65th LAU:Lebanese American University LU:Lebanese University AUB: American University of BeirutUSJ: Université Saint Joseph BU: Balamand University BAU: Beirut Arab University Reason: Official and Academic NEGLECT The Arab World Total GDP of 22 Arab Countries $14,000,000,000 Total expenditure on scientific research $2,800,000,000 $350 This converts into $10 per Arab citizen per year Finland averages $350 per citizen Lebanon averages $1.06 per citizen $10 Bending the law A law dating back to 1962 constituted of funding the National Council for Scientific Research at NO LESS than 1% of the general budget. In the last 50 years, the law has been applied ONCE before it was amended to NO MORE than 1% in the early 1990s Scientific Research $4,000,000 Maximum Budget (Under "<1%" Law) Current Budget Scientific Contracts, Bilateral and International projects 40% of expenses 60% of expenses The Solution Lebanon holds a MASSIVE human capital that, if harnessed, could create a revolution in education and the rest of Lebanese sectors. Furthermore, synergy across educational bodies is vital to make things happen and embody success Improving Research Productivity in Lebanon If 50% of teachers If 70% of teachers If 100% of teachers and graduates release 1 publication/yr and graduates release 1 and graduates release 1 2011 publication/yr publication/yr Total Publications 1124 Teachers 13455 25281 35394 50563 6727 9418 13455 Graduates 37108 18554 25976 37108 Neighboring Publication Numbers (2011) Jordan 1852 Saudi Arabia 7620 Egypt 9491 Israel 16826 Turkey 29175 Iran 32188 Problems Facing Lebanese Reseachers PhD Graduate Reasonable Pay To Make Ends Meet Regular Researcher Active Works In Works in Researcher One University Several Universities Increased Higher Academic Ranking Solely Teaching Cease Submission of Quality Research Papers Research Studies Bureaucratic Pursue Pursue Research Studies Complexity and Research Burden Studies Research Actual Value of Intellectual Research Excellence Excellence Credible Higher Academic Research Ranking Lack of Rewards After a certain and period of time Opportunities Cease Cease Research Desperation and Research Studies Studies Lack of Continuous Research Publications Motivation Converting Converting Research into Value of Research Research into Urban Development and its Qualitative Urban Development Value What Should Universities Do To Promote Research Improve Teachers' Well-Being Set International Evaluation Indeces Increase in untability Published Research Specialized Lebanese Research Teams Target Lebanon's Socio-Economical Woes Repatriation of Lebanese Students from Arab Countries Research Qualificationse an International Arab Nations Caliber Foreign Investment Attraction from Cultural and Economical Prosperity and the West Cooperation of Lebanese Universities with Factories, Hospitals, & Private Companies Lebanon's Cultural Revolution and Solutions for Daily Life's Problems* *Or most of them What Should the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Do 1. Change the Name Sbjl, JWI pubzilg äu jJl öjlig 2.ce Create a Trifecta of Forces Teachers Universities Government Encourage innovation in applied sciences, economy, finance, and sociology Benefit from research created by graduated students from all Lebanese universities Determine problems annually and match research with reality, feasibility, and expected returns Create a database that includes all teachers and their field of study Annual evalutation of various universities based on research Cooperation with hospitals, industries, and private companies they submitted Create committees for different specializations to annually evaluate university teachers Classify universities based on their research capabilities in every field Update laws pertaining to the need and quality for scientific and literary research Solidarity among universities to reach high standards Create national incentives for researchers Inspired by"A Braindead Country Called Lebanon" by AI Akhbar's Rasha Abou Zaki. The purpose of this infographic is to show the magnitude of the numbers we take lightly when reading articles, hoping to spread awareness and create an alert in our societies on this matter. References: NicolasHayek.Me THINKTanks: @NicocoHayek @Migheille Nicolas El Hayek, Mireille Raad Created by: Nicolas El Hayek Special Thanks: Rasha Abou Zaki Care and Share Increased Accd

Braindead Country

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Just when you thought your country is moving forward, it isn’t. What drives a country is the brains of its young, and if those are frozen or kept for Oxygen consumption, then the very future of this...


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