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The Best Colleges for Aspiring Animators

THE 50 TOP ANIMATION PROGRAMS IN THE US CALARTS Ringling College of Art + Design SVA NYC CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE RINGLING COLLEGE OF SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, OF THE ARTS ART AND DESIGN NEW YORK School of Film/Video Computer Animation Animation The Character Animation program gives you an understanding of the art of character This computer animation program will teach The animation program has some of the best you how to create characters for the purpose of storytelling.- animators in New York City helping you create performance story-driven animations. This includes designing, your own voice and art with the latest software in Individuals receive top-level artistic and modeling. texturing, painting, animating. and hardware. 36 different animation courses technical training in both computer-generated lighting, and editing your own animation films. are offered, and graduates get to show their environments as well as traditional animation Many of today's top animation companies thesis films at the Dusty Film & Animation methods. have Ringling College alumni. Festival. OF C NANNAH NERSIT OF APEAND DE SIG UNIVERSITY OF UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES ART AND DESIGN College of Letters; School of Cinematic Arts School of Theater, Film, and Television Animation The Animation & Digital Arts program offers you This program works to provides you with a This animation school offers a robust selection training in character animation, visual effects, strong balance of technology and creativity of animation degrees at various levels. Eoch 3D computer animation, interactive animation while also touching on other areas in ane focuses on the various types of animation, classes, science visualization, and experimental filmmaking. This includes scriptwriting, editing. including 2D, 3D, and even stop-motion, while animation. A Game Animation minor focuses and other skills needs to become an effective providing training in digital modeling, rigging, storyteller. Individuals also get to participate in a number of student film productions to build their portfolio and gain experience. more on the combination of programming and lighting, and more. The provided tools and animation skills required to make game art. software are used by the top professional animators in Arnerica AND RISD SCHOOL UNIVER YOUNG 8. Pratt PROVO 1875 UTAH RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN PRATT INSTITUTE BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Film/Animation/Video Interactive Arts Fine Arts and Communications RISD's program will give you an understanding One of the best colleges for animation, The BYU's animation program is offered in of the art of moving image while you master the B.F.A. in Interactive Arts gives you the option of collaboration with the College of Fine Arts and tools needed to create your own film, two different areas of emphasis. One focuses Communications, Department of Theatre and animation, and/or interactive projects. A on the production of 2-D animation and how it Media Arts, and Department of Visual Arts. combination of aesthetic, technical, and can be used to develop characters and tell a You'll take a strong variety of valuable courses conceptual questions are used by professors to story. The 3-D Animation area of emphasis such as Scripting for Animation, Screenwriting. help graduates create their own voice. involves teaching students the digital Drawing for Animation, and 2D Animation animation techniques for creating believable Production during your journey toward 3D animations. graduation. UNIV 10 11 12 876 NYU 1870 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Art and Art Professions The Department of Visualization Department of Art The Digital Art and Design minor briefly covers From learning how to sketch to master the art of Both the M.F.A. and B.F.A. program seek to give everything from technical training and visual computer generated animation, the you the skills needed to use the latest and communication to digital fabrication skills. Visualisation program teaches you how to widely-used technology toward the creating of You'll have access to the department's digital share your ideas, content, and messages with art. This includes 3D modeling and animation as imaging, design, and fabrication schools where your audience. Unique to this program is the well as digital imaging, internet art, holography, they can make use of the latest software, requirement that students study abroad for a tactical media, moving images, interactive including 3D printers, CNC routers, and laser semester in a foreign studies progrom related to projects, and more. cutters. their industry of interest. Creativity 13 MAION 14 15 INSTITUTE RI·T Penn 1829 CARNEGIE MELLON ROCHESTER INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA The Integrative Design, Arts and Tech Network Film and Animation The Digital Media Design One of the greatest strengths of Carnegie The B.F.A. program is designed to give you a This Digital Media Design interdisciplinary major is a combination of computer graphics courses that teach you how to use interactive Mellon's academic programs in engineering,. curiculum that develops your skills in film, computing, design, is the connection with other animation, video, and other creative medias. The M.F.A. degree allows you to then continue your studies by creating your own productions in 2D, 3D, stop motion, or even live-action. interdisciplinary fields. This means that you'll be technologies toward the creation of games, taking most 4-year degrees can also choose a films, and more. The school boasts graduates at concentration of Animation and Special Effects as well as one in Media Design, Sound Design, top animation and game companies like Screenwriting courses are also involved. Disney Animation, Electronic Arts, DreamWorks Game Design, and more. Animation, and Pixar. 16 17 18 Y OF PDigiPen ACADEMYofARTr UNIVERSITY CENTRAL FLORIDA DIGIPEN INSTITUTE OF UNIVERSITY OF ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY TECHNOLOGY CENTRAL FLORIDA School of Animation & Visual Effects Digital Art and Animation Visual Arts and Design Aspiring 2D or 3D animators have plenty of As one of the best schools for animation in the Individuals interested in a career in animation degrees for you to choose from that match country, the rigorous four-year program at will want to check out either the B.A. in Digital their desired level and prepare them for a Digipen will turn you into a master of the Media or M.F.A. in Emerging Media - Digital rewarding career in animation and VFX, This technology needed to create impacting Media. Both offer a broad curriculum that dynamic program also prepares you if you imagery in a professional studio environment. spans animation, motion graphics, digital storytelling, visual Participates of the B.A.. program can even prefer a role as a storyboard artist or visual language, and more. effects artist. There are three areas of emphasis: Storyboarding, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, 2D choose between two specializations: Web Design and Game Design. 19 20 OLLE vider 21 esse LCAD UT DALLAS LAGUNA COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OF ART AND DESIGN COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO AT DALLAS Animation The Cinema Art + Science Department Arts and Technology Laguna College boasts a number of degree Among the many degree program options for This school offers an impressive number of programs that can lead to a career as an future animators, the B.F.A. in Computer programs useful to people looking to prepare animator, with the B.F.A. in Animation being the Animation is the top choice. The B.A. in Cinema themselves for a career at a game or best choice. Other options are the Game Art Digital Media programs. Graduates of the animation program are found in top studios like Pixar, DreamWorks, Obsidian Art + fundamentals of film production, also has a Science, which focuses the animation studio. These înclude B.A., M.A., on and Design + M.F.A., and even Ph.D degrees in Arts and specialization in Animation. A minor in Technology with an emphasis in Animation. The Computer Game Development emphasis can also be useful if students want to work as an animator in the gaming industry. Animation and B.FA. in Traditional Animation Entertainment, Sony, and more. classes are also available. 22 23 24 SAIC MSONS EREW SCHOL F UI PARSONS GGNOMON E Ar ET PARSONS THE NEW GNOMON SCHOOL SCHOOL OF THE ART SCHOOL FOR DESIGN OF VISUAL EFFECTS INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO Design and Technology Digital Production Film, Video, New Media, and Animation This B.F.A. program was designed to cover At Gnomon you can choose between two This degree gives you access cutting-edge everything a professional new media storyteller fantastic programs that both prepare students equipment and technology as they prepare for should know, This includes a strong curriculum for a rewarding career in 3D production. One is a career in one of many fields. Students get to a 2-year program in Digital Production for Entertainment and the other is a 3-year covering not just animation but also computer choose one of the following concentrations: graphics, data programming, motion graphics, Film, Video, Installation, New Media, Animation, physical computing, and game design. program in Entertainment Design & Digital and Nonfiction. Production. 25 WOODBURY UNIVERSITY 26 27 ANATION OR TEIRO 1884 DEPAUL UNIVERSITY ANIMATION MENTOR WOODBURY UNIVERSITY Animation 3D Animation School of Media, Culture & Design Both the B.A. and M.A. in Animation involve a The strength of this online animation school, Students interested purely in animation will find host of useful courses such as 3D Animation, interest in the B.F.A. in Animation, which combines courses that focus on story, art, which operates 24/7, is the experienced Animation Production, Narrative Development, professionals with actual industry experience and more. The B.F.A. and B.F.A. degrees in teaching everything from character animation and storyboarding while mastering the latest your courses. Students learn Sound design, technology, and performance. Animation are similar but also involve a The B.F.A. in Game Art & Design is more concentration in either Cinema or Game Art. designed towards creating 2D and 3D software programs like Autodesk Maya. characters, animations, and environments for games. 28 29 30 ARYMOUN POLY San José State UNIVERSITY *1824 ANGETES LOYOLA MARYMOUNT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE Animation Animation/Illustration Program Animation The core curriculum of the B.F.A. in Art involves courses in tradition and 3D animation as well as LMU's Animation programs provide The B.S. in Electronic Arts consists of a wide an understanding of both traditional and digital range of creative digital media courses and areas of animation, which are needed to apply character design, visual development, physics also offers a concentration in Visual Arts and for jobs in the film, television, video game of motion, modeling, and storytelling. You can Animation. A B.S. in Electronic Media, Arts, and design and many other industries. Graduates also further your knowledge of Animation by Communication is also there to train futural obtain their own artistic voice while mastering choosing the Animation concentration. There is digital artists arnd animators. advanced 3D, storytelling and production also an llustration concentration. methods. 31 32 33 (MICA Art Cert Cilegeof ge FULL SAIL SHIVEESITY MARYLAND INSTITUTE FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ART ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN Computer Animation; Game Art Animation Entertainment Design Full Sail offers a host of programs valuable to You'll receive hands-on experience with the The Entertainment Design Program builds up future animators. The best choice is a BS. in latest programs and software used by students as creative storytellers able to professional animators acros the globe. Graduates leave the school fully capable of Computer Animation that prepares you for the conceptualize and create digital role of animator in any field. The other strong entertainment content. While the Concept choice is the Game Art degree that focuses on producing 2D and 3D animation as well as stop Design concentration delves into animation, creating characters, environments, and other motion for games, movies, and more. the Character Animation is arguably the objects for games. Both degrees are available stronger choice for aspiring animators. online and on-campus. 34 35 36 DAVE SCHOOL DIOITAM AMANON E VISLAL UICTI X MCAD OTIS COLLEGE OF MINNEAPOLIS COLLEGE THE DAVE SCHOOL ART AND DESIGN OF ART AND DESIGN Digital Animation & Visual Effects Digital Media Animation Digital Media incorporates three useful and popular areas of study: Animation, Motion DAVE boasts perhaps more programs for future You'll make use of the latest technology while animators than most other schools. Their learning how to produce your own 3D, 2D, and strongest relevant programs include: Animation Fundarmentals, Game Asset Production, Video Design, and Game & Entertainment Design. stop-motion animations. Top courses include 3D OTIS alumni can be found at top companies Modeling. Storyboard, Advanced 3D Game Production, Visual Effects, and Studio like WETA, Sony Online Entertainment, Blizzard, Animation Seminar, Advanced Animation Production. All these programs range from 12 Electronic Arts, Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, and Seminar, and more. Students also get unique and 15 months. more. training in hand-drawn 2D production. 37 38 39 ANIA STAT Cca ULLERTON CALIFORNIA STATE CALIFORNIA COLLEGE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON OF THE ARTS LONG BEACH Entertainment Art/Animation Animation Illustration/Animation Students involved in the B.F.A. in Art program can choose an Entertainment Art / Animation While being taught by professionals from top Students in the B.F.A. in Arts degree program studios like Pixar and DreamWorks, students are can enroll in an llustration/Animation program trained to create character animations that evoke emotions and tell captivating stories. concentration. Coursework involves building up demanding Animation track offers you a number of requiring requirements. The the student's practical, conceptual, and to using technical skills when it comes Award-winning directors and animators are valuable courses, including Drawing Figures in often available to provide you with feedback and advice throughout the program. character animation to tell a story and Context, Special Studies in Animation. communicate ideas. Character Design, and more. 40 41 42 IVERSITY RDUE LASAS CITTRI INSTITUTE FOUNDED 1N 1878 UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS PURDUE UNIVERSITY KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE (PHILADELPHIA) College of Art, Media & Design Animation Animation An Animation program is offered that prepares Students involved in Purdue's computer The acclaimed animation program at KCAI you for a career as an animator in any field of interactive media. A Film + Animation degree is encourages you to create your own voice while learning all there is to know about animation major will receive training in six main areas: 3D modeling, rendering, texturing, also available that leans more toward creating lighting, character rigging and motion. This will computer animation. This includes extensive narratives through the of be done while you use the latest animation training in leading animation programs fike Use computer-generated animation. tools and software, including Autodesk Maya. Maya, Dragonframe, and Adobe Creative Suite 6. 43 TIL AST 44 45 SFAI SAN FRANCISCco ART INSTITUTE 1956 NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Art + Design Film Video, Animation, and Digital Arts The Art + Design degree is designed to help you The San Francisco Art Institute offers a Film Students in the Video, Animation, and Digital Arts program get to use latest digital tools while learning the fundamentals of 2D and 3D think critically while making use of solid art and degree that covers an extensive range of design principles to create compelling content. Areas of study include computer imaging, genres, including documentary, hybrid forms, narrative, and animation. You will also get animation as well as 3D modeling, Sound, and interactive design, photography, and of experience with the latest sound and image Digital Media. There is also an Advanced 3D course, animation. editing tools. Animation focus. UNVERS 46 I 88 0 47 48 CA ROUNDED Civolond inutitato of Art AD. EMERSON COLLEGE SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART Department of Visual & Media Arts College of VIsual + Performing Arts Animation The B.F.A. in Media Arts Production has a A B.F.A. in Computer Art & Animation classes CIA's B.F.A. in Animation prepares you for a Production Track that features courses useful to are available i 计 lookin for career in a number of positions, including: 3D a future animator. These include Computer comprehensive education in 3D computer Character Animator, Game Designer, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Animator, Independent Filmmaker. A recent graduate was even a sculptor on Disney's Big Hero 6 Animation, Film, Drawing, Photography, animation, computer-generated images, and Interactive Media, and more. computer games, and more. An M.FA. in Computer Art and Minor in Animation are also available. 49 50 UNIVERSITY STATE MONICIAR DA STAT 1851 MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Animation and Illustration Motion Picture Arts The B.F.A. in Animation/Illustration covers the The College of Motion Picture Arts has three foundations of not just 2D and 3D animation but degrees that aspiring animators should also figure drawing, color, lighting, and other areas of using animation as a storytelling consider. They are: A Bachelors in Animation and Digital Arts, Bachelors in Motion Pictures medium. Arts - Production, and a Masters in Motion Picture Arts – Production. THE .. 10 TOP ANIMATION PROGRAMS OUTSIDE THE US A Shaw Arrr Sheridan Bournemonth Universtty VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL SHERIDAN COLLEGE BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY 3D Animation & Visual Effects Faculty of Animation, Arts, & Design Computer Animation VFS has a number of excellent one-year The Bachelor of Animation degree will leave You have a choice of four different programs at programs that could be used as a path toward you with a solid understanding of not just 3D BU that can lead you to a career in animation. computer animation but also the fundamentals movement, performance, and expression. You'll also take courses in other a career as an animator. The best one is the 3D These are: a B.A. in Computer Visualization and Animation & Visual Effects program, but the of 2D Animation, a B.S. in Software Development for Foundation Visual Art + Design path is also Animation, Games and Effects, A B.S. in Game worth recommending. areas such as storyboarding and scriptwriting. Technology, and a B.A. in Computer Animation Arts. 4 6. NANYANG TECHNOLOCICAL UNIVERSITY HKU Royal College of Art NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART HKU UNIVERSITY OF THE UNIVERSITY (UNITED KINGDOM) ARTS UTRECHT Art, Design & Media Animation Design and Media With the Art, Design & Media program you'll RCA offers you a learning and teaching Bachelor of Design At HKU University offers you a number of different paths in design and cover several areas useful to a professional animator. In four years you'l cover everything environment designed to help you develop your creative and technical skills to become a media to choose from. They include Animation, from Digital Animation, Digitat Filmmaking. good animator. You'll aso take courses Fashion Design, Audiovisual, Media, Iliustration, Interactive Media, Product Design, Visual covering scriptwriting, storytelling. Graphic Design, and Image and Media Communication, and Photography & Digital Imaging Technology, Product Design, and Spatial Design. improvisation, and more. 7 8. RMIT ZUTS Teesside University UNIVERSITY ROYAL MELBOURNE INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY OF OF TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY TEESSIDE UNIVERSITY (ENGLAND) Animation and Interactive Media Animation Computer Animation RMIT's B.D. in Animation and Interactive Media The B.D. in Animation is perfect if you want to Teesside University has three excellent is the best choice if you want to receive a solid transiate your passion for drawing, storytelling, programs if you're determined to serve as an animator for a living. These are: a B.A. in Computer Games Animation, B.A. in Computer education in 2D animation, 3D animation, and visual art into a career in animation. There is also a post-graduate Master of Animation program to further your studies. motion graphics, special effects, and interactive media. There are also two Master's Character Animation, anda one-year M.A. in degrees and one Graduate Diploma in Concept Art for Games and Animation. Animation, Games and Interactivity. 10 ioli BEIJING FILM ACADEMY (CHINA) School of Animation BFA's Animation School has been preparing the next great animation directors and anirnation producers since 2000. You'll be trained by an experienced teaching team and have the opportunity to take part in several animation film festivals in the city. SOURCE GAMEDESIGNING Luuluul VERSITY OHO OSTATE NIA EROI CHNOLOG UNIVERSTY IRIVERS CHICKR IDA TH FLO WERSITY Sity UNIVER UNIVER OF THE

The Best Colleges for Aspiring Animators

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We've identified and ranked the best college programs for aspiring animators from all around the world, including the 50 very best programs in The United States.






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