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Benefits of Living Off-Campus During College

Benefits of Living Off-Campus During COLLEGE Independence. Privacy Living off-campus means you will probably have your own bedroom. Living in a dorm means you will most likely be sharing a bedroom with one or two more people. You do not have to follow as many rules if you live off-campus and there is no RA overseeing your every move. More Space. A dorm room is usually one-half the size of a regular bedroom. Less Expensive. College housing can cost as much as the tuition alone. In most instances, you are also required to purchase a meal plan which is extremely expensive Health Life Preparation Living off-campus can help you avoid getting sick during flu season. Living off-campus is a great way to prepare for the real world. Managing a budget, cooking and cleaning are all great ways to prepare for the transition of life after college. Fewer Distractions Living in a dorm is often one big non-stop party. Living off-campus allows you to focus on what's important, rather than constantly getting distracted by everything around you. Healthier Eating Build Credit Paying rent and utilities on a credit card on a Living off-campus will help you not gain the "freshman fifteen" since you will be responsible for getting monthly basis starts building a solid credit history. your own food. Parking Isn't a Problem Roommate When living off-campus you have more control over who your roommates are. This way you aren't stuck with someone you can't stand to be around. When you live on campus, parking can be expensive and a huge hassle. Living off-campus helps eliminate the parking burden. Average University System Case Study: Live Off Campus and Save Money 2012 2011 The estimated cost to live on campus has risen by 2010 MORE THAN $1000 2009 OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS 2008 MOST Students at every University will find it more expensive to live on campus %24 Room and board costs $11,571 on average, while commuters pay on average $9,669 %24 $11,571 Students at every University will find it is more expensive to live on campus $9,669 Students living on campus paid on average U=$2238 MORE U than students who live off-campus DO Start the search early. Don't wait until it's too late to find good housing. It's important to give yourself plenty of time to do your research. Choose a place close to campus. Research bus routes and schedules or find a place close enough to walk or bike to class. Choose a compatible and re- sponsible roommate. This is a BIG decision and needs to be given careful consideration. Establish a good relationship with your landlord and neighbors Find a place with appliances such as a refrigerator and washing machine/dryer so you don't have to purchase these items yourself. DON'T Live with someone you don't know or can't stand to be around DON'T be lazy. It is very important to do thorough research on neighborhoods and costs comparison VS. DON'T pick a place that doesn't allow animals if you are planning on owning a pet DON'T wait until the last minute to search for a place to live DON'T live somewhere where you can't get to campus quickly by car or bike Brought to you by: COLLEGE STUDENT 00 00 APARTMENTS RESOURCES: 13% INCREASE

Benefits of Living Off-Campus During College

shared by StaceySD on May 02
Are you deciding on whether you should you live on or off campus during college? This is the question that every college student must answer before the school year begins. Both options have their pros...


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