the benefits of learning languages

French Russian Spanish German Hebrew

Bilingual people are sexy

270 British dating agencies agreed that people who speak a foreign language are more attractive.

saving money, safety, ordering food, getting a job, making friends

Benefits of speaking a country�۪s native language when traveling

The sexiest accents

Irish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, British

An increase of 3x over 20 years

US students who studied abroad for credit

Each year the number of international students increases by 12%

1975 800,000 2009 3,500,000

Children raised by bilingual couples are more likely to have better memory and overall intelligence

63% of those surveyed have dated someone who speaks a different language.

95% of those surveyed think that learning a second language would improve their brain power.

Students who study a foreign language for 4 or more years outperform their classmates.

Love Travel

The benefits of learning languages

Intelligence Money

97% of those surveyed said that knowing another language makes traveling to other countries easier.

98% of those surveyed thought that learning a second language would help their career.

Mental benefits of learning languages

Memory, multi-tasking, aptitude, health, attention

Over 1/3 of businesses want people specifically for their language skills.

Multilingual employees can expect a salary uplift of up to 20% in certain jobs.

Bilinguals find it easier to learn a third language than monolinguals do to learn a second.

People who speak 2+ languages are 4x less likely to have cognitive impairment.

Occupations in which speaking 2+ languages is beneficial.

journalist, computer games designer, marketing manager, tourist guide, engineer, doctor

the benefits of learning languages

shared by Candida on Sep 07
There's a lot to gain from learning another language! Between the love prospects and career potential, speaking more than one language is pretty useful.


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