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The Benefits of Learning French

THE BENEFITS OF Learning French Benjour! Learning another language is a super achievement. However, learning the French language specifically offers many benefits. Want to know what they are? Then read on, mes chéris .. TI French is spoken in all 5 continents of the world, and taught all over the world. It is the second most taught language to English. People who speak a language such as French typically earn more than those who don't. You'll be able to communicate with CV beautiful French people. Everybody knows that the French SELECTED people are some of the most attractive people on the planet! If nothing else, you'll at least look more intelligent on your CV! Learning French is fun and great for beginners! You'll begin to appreciate the amazing French culture and learn a lot about fashion, the arts, architecture, and more. You'll increase your chances of finding a job in many different countries. 12 It won't be long before you can hold a conversation in French. It takes around 720 hours to speak at an 3- advanced level. Other languages can take more than 1000 hours to speak at a basic level! You can watch French films without subtitles and feel smug about it. 10 Learning French might even improve your English vocabulary, because a lot of English words money bottle table chair chamber derive from French. Learning another language such as French improves self esteem, discipline, memory, and other skills. Many literary geniuses are French or have written in French. You could enjoy their work in its original form. French is deemed one of the sexiest languages in the world. Armed with your French, you'll sound better on the phone and perhaps even look better in person (the beret is optional). You'll impress your family and friends. You'll have a wonderful, stress free time when exploring France and other French speaking countries. With the French language in your repertoire, you'll find learning other Romance languages easier. You'll know exactly what you're ordering in French restaurants and bars. Dining will become a breeze! You'll be able to pronounce Marion Cotillard's Johnny Depp and Emma Watson speak French...nothing more needs to be said. name perfectly. FAST TRACK FRENCH \FRENCH LESSONS ON DEMAND Sources: CE E ce

The Benefits of Learning French

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Learning another language is a super achievement. However, learning the French language specifically offers many benefits.Gain real conversational fluency and confidence through hearing and speaking F...


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