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Benefits of a Christian Education

Benefits of a Christian Education All Your Children Shall Be Taught By the Lord Isaiah 5412 The importance of teaching teens Christian walues in high school has never been more important. Religious freedom is under attack from mutiple fronts and schools are being threatened with sanctions if they even mention Christianity. High School and Teens: h 2008, 1,280 youth were arrested for murder, 3,340 for forcible rape, and 56,000 for aggravated assaut. 72% of Teens Drink during their time in High School 44% of Teens have used illegal drugs by the time they graduate from High School 46% of high school students had sexual intercourse and B8% had four or more sex partners during their life. 5 Major Differences Between Christian Schools and Public Schools Today's Teens need not only positive role models but they need positive places to leam Here áré five reasons to send your'teen to a Christian based school BBRMHEE 888 Public Schools Christian Schools To prepare teens to live in'a secular world that accepts all lifestyles and there is no wrong or right, just different To hep young people to be saved and active servants of Jesus Christ to hep share the gospel Purpose of Education They can be members of various relgions or atheist All Bom-Again people who are dedicated fo helping their students to look to Christ The Teachers Teens that have been raised by TV rather than parents, they come to school lacking morals and values. Teen are around other kids with the same values and sfe gools Peers All curriculum is based on God's word and his teachings There is no such thing as aosolute truth society decides what is right of wrong EAR END What is Taught? God is the creator of the The Big Bang Theary. Evolufion, man is the master of the universe universe The Role of Science Outcomes off Kids Who Graduated From Christian Schools Teens who went to Christian Schools were able to better understand the tenants of their faith and live them after Teens who attend Christian schools were more likely to keep their faith as they progressed through College. graduation Teens who graduate from Christian Schools were better prepared to defend their faith than those who went to public schools. Source faith-lived-out-the-value-of-a-christion-education/ HELPYOURTEENNOW

Benefits of a Christian Education

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The need to teach Christian values in schools is more important than ever. Students taught with Christian values can be better prepared to handle the craziness of teenage life.


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