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Beautiful Spanish Words That Will Put You in a Good Mood

S0 Beautiful, Spanish words The Spantsh language has a rich vocabulary full of untque and beautiful words. Learn 50 of them here! 1. 3. :4. 2. precioso precious/ señonta 5. rosado bonita guapo pink pretty (adjective): young lady (noun) beautiful handsome (adjective) (adjective) (adjective) 10. bailar to dance (verb) 9 sonreîr 6. amor 7. encantar 8. desear to to enchant : to wish (verb) love smile (noun) (verb) (verb) 15. novia/novia 14. 11. cantar to sing 12. beso 13. vivir abrazo boyfriend kiss to live hug /girlfriend (verb) (noun) (verb) (noun) (noun) 19 cafe brown 16. 17. palabra 18. chocolate 20. naranja contigo with you word chocolate. orange (noun) BC (moun) (adjective)/ coffee (noun) (pronoun) (noun) 25. zapatos 22. ánjel 23. fuego 24. cielo shoes 21. dulce angel fire sky (noun) sweet (noun) (noun) (noun) (adjective) 26. 27. estrella 29. 28. noche 30. rica star caliente corazon (noun)' night rich/delicious heart hot (noun) (adjective) (noun) (noun) 33. mariposa butterfly 34. fuerte strong 35. siempre 31. dinero: 32. serenidad money (noun) always (adverb) serenity (adjective) (noun) (noun) 39 40. sol 310. seda 37. favorito favorite 38. manaña tomorrow bienvenido Sun welcome (noun) silk (adjective) (adverb) (adjective) (noun) 41 montaña mountain 44. fruta fruit 45. medianoche midnight 42. azucar 43. mirar sugar to look (verb) (noun (noun) (noun) (noun) 50. 46. uz 47. diamante 48. flor 49. mar helado diamond flower sea ight ice (noun) (noun) (noun) cream (noun) (noun) Learn more Spanish vocabulary with help from a private tutor! te takelessons

Beautiful Spanish Words That Will Put You in a Good Mood

shared by TakeLessonsTL on Feb 27
Spanish is a beautiful language! Check out this infographic to learn 50 particularly beautiful words that will instantly put you in a good mood.


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