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Banned In the USA: Top Ten Banned or Challenged Classics

LORD OF THE FLIES BRAVE NEW WORLD William Golding Lord of the Flies BY: WILLIAM GOLDING BRAVE NEW WORLD BY: ALDOUS HUXLEY This sociological novel is controversial in its portrayal of a group of proper and civilized kids, gradually digressing into primal beings while stranded on an island. A harrowing look into an eerie future, Huxley's novel achieves what the best sci- ence fiction can: it is a mirror that reflects current issues in society through the guise of some foreign yet oddly familiar future. BANNED IN THE U.S.A. TOP TEN BANNED OR CHALLENGED CLASSICS REASONS FOR BANNING: • Demoralizing themes · Excessive violence • Profanity ALDOUS HUXLEY REASONS FOR BANNING: • Questionable moral content (portrays promiscuous sex as "fun") • Adult themes of sexuality, drugs, suicide • Profanity TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD BY: HARPER LEE ULYSSES TO KILL A BY: JAMES JOYCE Mockingbird ULYSSES This long and complex novel introduced the notion of modernism to literature, through its stylistic flourishes of narrative, influencing nearly every writer whom came after its release. The only novel written by Ms. Lee this Pulitzer Prize winner was a pivotal moment in the long and difficult fight against racial injustice, eloquently told through the voice of a child. KEYWORDS: JAMES JOYCE ANOVEL Ay REASONS FOR BANNING: HARPER LEE BOOK BANS AND CHALLENGES • Thematic Perversion • Crass themes • Profanity REASONS FOR BANNING: • Use of racial slurs promotes racial hatred, division, and separation · Adult themes such as sexual intercourse, CHALLENGE BAN The removal of the materials based off of objections of a person or group of people. rape, and incest An attempt to remove reading materials from a curriculum or library, based upon the objec- tions of a person or group. BELOVED LOLITA BELOVED BY: TONI MORRISON BY: VLADIMIR NABOKOV VEADOER NBOKOY CHALLENGES THROUGH THE YEARS Mixes cultural narrative with supernatural/ folklore elements to create a mesmerizing and captivating experience about an African American family in Ohio, constantly pained by ghost of the past. This highly controversial novel is told by a narrator that is a master of language. However, its main narrative revolves around pedophilia, and makes the culprit its unconventional protagonist. LOLITA A NOVEL TONI CHALLENGES BY YEAR (1990-2010) MORRISON REASONS FOR BANNING: • Topics of bestiality, racism, and sex unsuitable for classroom teaching • Adult themes of sexuality, drugs, suicide · Extreme violence REASONS FOR BANNING: • Obscene elements (such as incest and pedophilia) made this novel completely banned in France, England, Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa, for a number of years 800 700 600 500 THE CATCHER IN THE RYE BY: J.D. SALINGER 400 THE GRAPES OF WRATH тиE the CATCHER in the RYE GRAPESWRATH 300 BY: JOHN STEINBECK Joln Stinbek 200 Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Na- The coming of age novel, Holden Caulfield encapsulates all the worry, sorrow, fear, and restlessness of a teenager slowly progressing toward adulthood. tional Book Award, this novel tells the story of the Joad family. It expresses the hope of the American Dream, and the desire of all men to move from poverty toward contentment, from failure to hope in the future. 100 90' 91' 92' 93' 94' 95' 96' 97' 98' 99' 00' 01' 02' 03' 04' 05' 06' 07' 08' 09' 10' REASONS FOR BANNING: • Things concerning moral issues · Excessive vulgar language • Occult related content • Excessive violence • Sexual scenes a novel by J. D SALINGER CHALLENGES BY REASON (1990-2010) REASONS FOR BANNING: SEXUALLY EXPLICIT • Inappropriate sexual references • Use of God's name in vain · Excessive vulgar language 3,169 OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE 2,658 UNSUITED TO AGE GROUP OF MICE AND MEN BY:JOHN STEINBECK THE COLOR PURPLE BY: ALICE WALKER 2,232 OF The Color Purple Aby Alice Walker 1,346 MICE AND OTHER Another landmark novel about race Although slight in length, this impeccable tragedy humanizes important socio-eco- nomic issues that plagued the United States in the early 20th century. VIOLENCE 1,310 relations in America, Walker's National MEN Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner OCCULT 1,051 effectively portrayed the African Ameri- can's plight in the early 20th century. REASONS FOR BANNING: • Questions of the author's patriotism • Graphic depiction of violence • Use of God's name in vain HOMOSEXUALITY 892 Лlla REASONS FOR BANNING: • Scenes regarding drug abuse, torture, incest, and homosexuality • “Negatively" portrays black men • Vulgar language • Sexually explicit Norel by JOHN STEIŇBECK RELIGIOUS VIEWPOINT 723 • Excessive profanity • Racial slurs NUDITY 574 RACISM 457 bookal RESOURCE: WWW.ALA.ORG

Banned In the USA: Top Ten Banned or Challenged Classics

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Does the phrase “banned books” spark your literary curiosity? A few scholarly heavyweights, like Lord of the Flies, Ulysses and the Color Purple, were once deemed too morally, racially, or religio...


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