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Bacon Punctuation

Bacon Punctuation A sentence about bacon for every use of punctuation There are 15 punctuation marks in the English language. Each mark has very specific and purposeful uses. One mark-the asterisk-has only one function; commas, on the other hand, are used in more than a dozen ways. This chart includes one sentence for every usage of our puncutation marks using the theme of an all-American favorite: bacon. Apostrophe After superciliously licking his lips, Ned shouted, "My bacon's even better than your fancy 'grandpa-style, home-smoked' version you bragged about!" Indicates a quote within a quote Bacon's always been an American favorite, but it really took on a life of its own in the good ol '90s. omits letters and numbers There are four b's in the phrase, "Breaded bacon is always better with butter." creates a plural for a single letter Makes a noun possessive Zeb's bacon was juicier than Myrna's bacon but not as delectable as Wally's. What's the FDA's conclusion about bacon? It's approved. Makes an acronym possessive The children's bacon was found in the men's bathroom next to the nuns' kitchen creates plural possessions It wasn't the bad bacon that ruined the night, it was Humphrey and Fiona's persnickety attitude. creates compound possessions Millions Flock to Watch 'Attack of the Bacon Cakes' at Local Theaters Shows tifles within headings Asterisk Bacon is made from pigs*. Directs reader to further information *More specifically, bacon is made from a pig's fatty belly (at least in the good ol USA), then soaked in salt and cooked up to heavenly perfection. [] Brackets Inserts comments from someone other than the author Philbert said with concern, "but Xavier [the new bacon curer] is a vegetarian!" Modifies quoted nouns and pronouns to fit The plaintiff, who was allergic to maple, flatly accused Bubba of "adding maple to the bacon just to make sure [Bubba] would get it all to himself." the sentence Inserts sic to show original error in a Baccon [sic] is more savory when you know how to spell it. 인 uote is n 아 t a tyPo Idenfifies added emphasis that was not in "It was the broccoli that gave Stewart the stomachache, not the original quote bacon" [italics added]. Inserts parenthetical material inside parenthetical material Bernie was to become the next Chief Bacon Baker (the wildly sought-after [unpaid] position at Doppelganger's Donuts). colon Expands or clarifies a main Clause There's only one thing in this world better than bacon: bacon cheeseburgers. people come mind when you say name "Bacon": Francis Bacon, the English philosopher; Yehuda Bacon, the Israeli Artist, and Kevin Bacon, that dude that's within six degrees of anyone in Hollywood. Infroduces lists Dr. Miss Piggy: You're about to be bacon. Sincerely, Farmer Heavybottoms Follows a salutation in formal letter Bącon Wars: Canadian or American on Italian Pizzas? Separates titles from subtitles I had a maple bacon donut at 8:32 this morming, then a BLT at 12:46 for lunch. Designates fime Shows a rafio The ideal salad recipe (in measured ounces) requires bacon crumbles to lettuce be 40:1. VICTOR: I love bacon. But I love you more. GRETCHEN: Flattering. But you come second on my list. Shows dialogue in a play Comma Daphne's favorite desserts are chocolate bacon poke cakes, bacon caramel apples, and salted caramel bacon bark. Separates items withinin a list Separates coordinate adjectives Stu likes his breakfast best when it comes with crunchy, percolating, and hot-off-the-pan bacon. Separates coordinating conjunctions I eat bacon every day, yet I stillcrave bacon today. where there are fwo independent clauses When Buddy ingests bacon, his tummy feels better. Separates dependent clauses If you drop bacon on the floor, the three-second rule bumps up to three minutes. Separates conditional clauses Separates appositives When Rutherford ate his jowl bacon, bacon made from the pig's cheeks, he delightfully chortled just a little. Percolating intensely in the blackened grease, the bacon appeared more savory than ever. Separates introduUctory phrases Fitzgerald, is that another bacon tattoo on your forehead? Separates a direct address My, what a lovely piece of crinkled up bacon! Separates interjections Separates the day of the month from the year Francis Bacon didn't eat bacon on January 22, 1561; he was born that day. The Bacon Explosion dish, which was made famous by the BBQ Addicts blog, contains over 5,000 calories. Separates numbers larger than 999 Separates cities and Counties from states Bacon County, Georgia wasn't named after its exceptional taste in pork delicacies; it was named after a much less interesting thing: a senator named Augustus Bacon. Bacon isn't commonly produced from jungle animals (e.g., monkeys and capybaras), but it is frequently made from other non-pig substances such as coconut, beef, turkey, soy protein, and duck. Comes after abbreviations i.e. and e.g. Comes before quotations Homer was truly inspiring when he said, "Mmmm, pork chops and bacon-my two favorite animals." Ellipsis "The best therapy is a hug.and a plate of bacon." Indicates an omission of words in a quote Indicates hesitating speech in dialogue "If I hadn't eaten that last piece of bacon, I would have never." Shows a person being cut off in speech "Ack! I don't want to hear it!" If only cabbage tasted as scrumptiously delightful as bacon. Indicates a frailing off in speech Em Dash Movie theater popcorn-you, know, the good stuff-has more fat than "a fries, and a steak dinner combined" (New York Times). Expands a main Clause with emphasis breakfast of bacon and eggs, a Big Mac and clarifies with added detail My old roommate-the one who always wore the furry shoes-strangely smelled like bacon. Suggests an inferruption in thought or That new maple bacon milkshake sounds so bizarre that I couldn't possibly-oh, what the heck, give it to me! Change in direction En Dash Indicates a period of time (replacing "to" Penelope ate nothing but bacon from 2010 – 2014 and then or "through") went cold turkey for two days before resting in peace. Exclamation Mark I love bacon! Shows excitement and gusto Hey, that's my bacon! Gives emphatic clarification Amber totally snarfed our bacon! Shows anger Hyphen Once he started eating meat, that dude became a bacon- creates compound adjectives eating, ham-chewing, don't-touch-my-pork-loin rodizio connoisseur. creates fwo-digit numbers There are forty-three people in the United States named Harry Bacon ( Porky resigned himself to his fate when Farmer Frank re-signed the bacon factory paperwork. clarifies verbs with Common prefixes Dissing on bacon is practically anti-American. Joins prefixes to capitalized words Joins a number to a word Barnaby figured he'd impress Clementine by cleaning his 6-cylindar John Deere with bacon grease. All signs indicate that smoked bacon dates to the pre-1800. Joins a prefix to a date Separates prefixes and suffixes when The bee-eater likes his bacon best in fall-like weather. three letters come in a row () Parentheses Inserts related but unnecessary information Rupert never really liked ratatouille (that eggplant-tainted French vegetable stew) until he added bacon to it. If bacon weren't so beautiful (and I mean mesmerizingly gorgeous), Henrietta probably wouldn't always be so tempted to kiss it right before she inhaled it. clarifies a writer's state of mind The word "bacon" is derived from the old German word bacho, which means "buttock" (Wikipedia). Indicates citations Period I eat bacon for dessert. Completes a statement Cindependent clause) Ends a fragment (breaking the rules), for emphasis Bacon is good on pizza. And ice cream. Dr. Pork just kissed Mrs. Bacon, daughter of Rev. Plumpypimple. creates abbreviations Identifies acronyms (but not all acronyms) Bacon makes awesome sandwiches (i.e., BLTS and chicken clubs). Question Mark Why don't movie theaters sell bacon? Asks a question Cend of sentence) I just watched Mark-is he for real?-sniff each piece of bacon. Asks a question Cmid-sentence) Quotation Mark Katy Perry once said, "I unfortunately still crave chicken McNuggets and bacon, which is the meat candy of the world" (Hollywood Life). Indicates a direct quotation Indicates a dictionary definition Bacon: "The back and sides of the hog, salted and dried or smoked" ( Next time you start bringing home the bacon. "eat lunch" with Phineas, tell him he better Indicates sarcasm or snarkiness If I ever hear the word "bacon" again, I'm going some! Addresses a word as a word Ferdinand the Ferocious just belted out his lovely new hit cover song, "No Fakin', I was Mistaken for Bacon." Indicates a title of a short media piece Semicolon Quintavious just ate his first piece of bacon; it changed his life forever. Joins two related complete sentences Seraphina has three favorite kinds of pizza: hạm with bacon and pineapple; bacon, Canadian bacon, and bacon bits; and hamburger, turkey bacon, and black olives, Separates complex list items Poppy has lived in four places: Bacon County, GA: Bacon Peak, Separates list items with Commas WA; Baconton, GA; and Bacon, IN. | 2014

Bacon Punctuation

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A sentence about bacon for every use of punctuation. Every rule you could possibly want to know, all while thinking about one of life's most delicious treats. Punctuation has never been so tasty.


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