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Autism and Learning

AUTISM & LEARNING Autism is a neural development disorder that affects 1.5 million Americans. It impacts how a person thinks, learns and experiences the world. OVERVIEW Autism, a "spectrum disorder" that impacts everyone differently and to a varying degree, typically appears during the first three years of life. Annual growth of disorder STATISTICS Autism affects every 1 in 110 births in the U.S.; 1 in every 70 boys. The lifetime cost of caring for a child with autism can range from $3.5 million to $5 million. Unemployment rate for people with disabilities Autism impacts the brain's ability to process information by altering how nerve cells and their synapses organize. 60% 66% 56% 17% 14% DIAGNOSIS & LEARNING Children cannot outgrow autism, but studies show that it is treatable with early diagnosis and intervention. Here's what to look for: EARLY SIGNS abc Lack of or delay in spoken language Repetitive use of language and/or motor Lack of interest Lack of spontaneous play Fixation on Little or no in peer relationships parts of objects eye contact mannerisms DEVELOPMENT ISSUES Trouble understanding or communicating their Communication thoughts and needs to others, as well as trouble understanding directions and vocal and facial cues. When it comes to learning, children with autism have difficulties in five main areas: May exhibit challenging behaviors including bullying other students and becoming ostracized. Social interaction Sensory processing Issues with maintaining eye contact, being touched and coping with loud environments. Repetitive behavior May feel the need to repeat the same behaviors or phrases again and again. Experiences trouble in this area because of an alteration in how the brain's synapses are connected. Information processing STRATEGIES TO HELP, VISUAL AIDS STRUCTURE Students with autism learn well with visual aids. They can see what is going on throughout the day. With this, they know what to prepare for and what activity they will be doing next. Structure reduces stress, confusion, anxiety and behavior problems by making things predictable. This can lead to independence and builds on the child's strengths. Children with autism are easily distracted which often affects their ability to learn. Distractions can include lights, sounds, and smells. Give a child a conducive learning environment by minimizing these. COMMUNICATE By paying attention to a child's behavior, a teacher can see how they are feeling or what they are trying to say. Teach the child ways to be flexible and use stories to show appropriate behavior in social situations. KEY ELEMENTS TO A SUCCESSFUL EDUCATION Successfully supporting a child with autism involves understanding the unique way the characteristics are present in the child and how these characteristics impact on his/her life at school. Here are some ways to make education more successful: Specialized curriculum and teaching methods Coordinated team approach and parental involvement Structured and modified learning environments Support and services for students and families Functional approach to problem behavior Recurrent evaluation of inclusion procedures Classroom and social support as well as a positive attitude by all involved. Collaboration with home-schooling 田田 4 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Helpful sites for both parents and educators: CDC If you think your child has autism: Autism resources and programs vary greatly by state. See what your state offers here: How to receive access to free resources, including an IEP: SOURCES: Autism Society | Autism Help | CDC | Psylutions for Learning | Education Next Information provided by: The amount lifelong care costs can be cut with early diagnosis Percent of a students who finish H.S

Autism and Learning

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What is autism and how does it affect a way a person learns? This infographic takes a look at autism and learning. It shows what obstacles people have when they're autistic and what ways they can faci...


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