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Apostrophes The Story of Bob and Muffin

Apostrophes The Story of Bob and Muffin Bob Do you know when to use an apostrophe, where to use it, and when NOT to use it? Muffin Bob and Muffin are two cats. They are NOT two cat's. Don't use 's for plurals, except in a few special situations. Muffin has a toy mouse named James. James is Muffin's toy. Use 's for singular possessive nouns. James's tail is long. James' eyes are red. Use either 's or just ' for singular possessive nouns that end in s or an s sound. To decide, see which one sounds better when you pronounce it, or check your organization's Ĺštyle Guide. Plural Possessive Nouns If Muffin says Bob can share her toy mouse, then James will belong to both cats. James will be the cats' toy. Use 's for plural possessive nouns that end in an s sound. James will also be Bob and Muffin's toy. If two nouns possess something together, put 's after the second noun. But Muffin doesn't want to share, so Bob gets three of his own toy mice. If two nouns possess the same thing separately, put 's after both nouns. The mice are Bob's and Muffin's tous. Contractions Muffin won't share her toy! Use an 'in contractions. Bob hopes she'll change her mind next year, in '14. Use an apostrophe to replace missing letters. *Plural Possessive Nouns - very special situations! Muffin has two f's in her name. Use 's for single lowercase letters. Bob is very smart: he has two M.A.'s. Use 's for abbreviations that have interior periods. James is even smarter. Use 's for abbreviations that combine upper and lowercase letters. He has two PhD's. Mary Kay Mann Twitter: aMaryKayMann LinkedIn:

Apostrophes The Story of Bob and Muffin

shared by MKayMann on Apr 14
How to use apostrophes - as told through Bob and Muffin (and their toy mouse, James)


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